By Brent Ryan

I think that a great many people have trouble seeing how they are responsible for their own feelings. We are responsible for whether we are happy or sad. We are responsible for whether you are grateful or take offense. I feel that thoughts might be like words in that sometimes we are just listening to someone else. I think that Thoughts, Words, and Actions all have an effect on the our realities, and the magnitude is based on the feelings we push.


I feel that we take offense to, anything, because we see some shadow of what we see within our selves, and our own self image. Simply ask yourself why you are letting something offend you. Our initial response is typically the correct one. Sometimes it takes meditation and further examination to face the dark side within us. We are responsible for our realities, and it seems a great many unconsciously give others control over us. We are still responsible even in ignorance.

Sometimes thoughts come from someone who is close to us or is thinking about us. The easiest way to realize this is if you are thinking about something and then suddenly a stray thought comes out of no where. Sometimes it is even the base feelings that we receive. An example could be of someone we just recently met, and then someone who knows us comes into the situation and suddenly you have an intense feeling towards the new person. I think that this causes us a lot of trouble as we sometimes feel guilty over thoughts that are from someone else but somehow we think we are the source. Guilt is a path to our dark side whether we are responsible or not. A great gift we can give ourselves is to forgive ourselves, and others with love in our heart.

You may be driving along in the city and suddenly someone cuts you off. I think many would instantly get angry at the person in question. Yet that person could have a good reason for what they did. Even if your desire to be unimpeded was greater, anger only lowers yourself. Love, joy, and happiness are the highest of frequencies and help you the most. Our dark sides only deceive us and lead to our own downfall. Force yourself to smile for half a minute, listen to a joyful song, watch a movie with and happy ending, and you will notice your mood change. We may live in a world of Taijitsu, and we still may be a source of joy for others.

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