Personal Power
– Ramshi, 12th Dimensional Master Geneticist / Universal Architect

The beauty of the third dimension is one of extreme focus of thought projection. In your corner of the galaxy along with this comes the notion of isolation, thus a sense of powerlessness. This notion is a false one. You are still powerful beings. But with the lack of faith in self and lack of trust in your ability to create your own reality in the midst of such strife and turmoil brews an underlying current of general malaise, a discontentment. Right on time it is!

With all of the changes occurring this sense of being uncomfortable and discontent is what will propel you to grow and expand. With this expansion comes enlightenment.

Part of this disconnection with your power comes from the illusion and the deeply
ingrained lie that god is external, superior, all knowing and judgmental. Until you are capable of fully embracing the fact that you yourselves are gods you will forever fall short of accessing your full power and reconnecting fully and wholly with divine love. It is a hard notion for you to embrace, the thought “I am god.” Even from our 12th dimensional perspective there is no “god”. There was not a moment of solitary consciousness that came to light. The story is a bit outside your parameters of perception. For us to explain would be a bit like telling a native of the jungle who hasn’t been exposed to your technology what a television is. From their perceptual framework it would be incomprehensible. Same with our story of creation of universes, but we digress…

Your personal power is yours to access. The only one who limits you is always you. You are existing in a free will zone. All that occurs does so with your willing approval. Hard to believe you would agree to so much strife, but never the less, a true statement. Strife is stretching. It is expansion and growth. It is a cue card in dimensions of duality for movement. So embrace the experience. The stifling of personal power comes when you don’t move, when you freeze with fear. Indecision can be one of your greatest challenges to overcome. For any decision will move you along a new path. Guilt and regret keep you from moving. Movement comes with the recognition of emotions and the acknowledgement of experience. When you recognize the blocks you dissolve them by your mere viewing and acceptance of your part in creation. By acknowledging you have created, you fully embrace your personal power. The more frequently you recognize that, the more fully you stand in your own light.


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