People who master a certain subject tend to be more liked and respected than others who have no sense of mastery of a subject. Mastery can come in many forms such as having a PHD degree, running a successful business, being an amazing golf player. The trait all of the above have in common is that the people who have mastered a subject are able to be to use persuasive techniques more with others and convince them to their way of thinking without resistance. In this article I will show you how mastering one subject area of your life can make you more attractive to others.

Being confident and persuasive go hand in hand, people who are confident become instantly more persuasive and we are naturally attracted to them. Self confidence combined with high intelligence becomes personal mastery. A person who has mastered themselves personally has a mbix of humility and pride that allows them to be confident and assured in times of distress. Personal mastery in a person is something the opposite sex finds very attractive

The opposite sex is drawn to personal mastery for a few reasons. If a man has intelligence and self confidence he can mostly likely get anything in life and share it with the other person. Self mastered people are not overly ego centric despite their success they still have the ability to ask questions and learn. People with personal mastery have made detail plans of their goals and ambitions and work towards them every day, they know exactly what they are doing at every moment. They have no fantasy vision of themselves or others. They see things for what they are and not what they appear to be as a result they have the knowledge, intelligence and will power to get anything they want in life and as a result they become instantly persuasive to anyone they encounter.

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