by Ann Ronan

The Greeks didn’t write obituaries. They asked only one question when a man died. “Did he live with passion?” (from the film “Serendipity”)

Uncovering your passion allows you to tap into what makes your heart sing. When you consciously create your environments – who you surround tourself with, what you read, and the activities you pursue – you ignite your passion and live more fully, freely and with great satisfaction. Sound good? Ok, how do you uncover your passion?


Some of you may have had an “aha” or life changing moment that made you aware of a passion. Others discover their passions through intuition – an internal knowing that this is it. Others come to a gradual awareness through their experiences.

I came to an awareness of my passions through a combination of thinking about my favorite childhood activities and becoming aware of when I am happiest and “juiced” in the present. I enjoyed many solitary activities as a child. I’d often pretend that I was a “teacher.” I was an avid reader and later gravitated towards books that discussed self discovery, how people choose careers, travel and inspirational material. And sure enough, these are some of my passions!

Today I take what I’ve learned and teach it to others through coaching and teleclasses. When I’m on these calls, I’m in the flow – time seems to stop – I don’t need to work hard- I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. At the end of the call, I’m pumped up and full of energy – a sure sign I’m doing something I love. Passion!

So consider where you are today. What do you like about your current work? Dislike? What is pleasing to you in your living and work environments? What are you tolerating in your environments that you’d like to change? What is your predominant attitude? Are you living YOUR life? Ask others around you if they notice what it is you are doing or talking about when your face really lights up.

Then take a peek into the future. If you could live an ideal life what would it look like? Who is in it with you? Where do you live? What are you doing for a living? As you come up with a list of potential passions, begin to experiment with them. Put your toe in the water by doing an activity related to your potential passion. Pay attention. What is it about the activity that excites you?

Go ahead. Commit yourself to taking one step today (or at least this week!) towards remembering or reconnecting with your passion.

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