Interesting… the world is seeing many new mastery type training courses appear.  Much of it seems to be coming via channeled content.  I’ve added many of these items to the website out of interest to those who are seeking further, structured training.  I do not endorse the use of these training methods, I’m just offering them as a choice… and to perhaps get you thinking.  Thanks.



Practical Mastery™ Practitioner Training

It is very hard to bring in a healing modality in a pristine way with integrity on Gaia due to the state of mass consciousness and to the ego minds and personalities of people on earth – even very highly evolved beings. The energies around Practical Mastery™ are a sacred trust from the Creator to humanity. The Creator has assigned the Trinity Council of Light to work with Bill Austin on downloading the activations and gifts he holds for the planet. All of the work around Practical Mastery™ and the Mastery Sequences™ for Enlightenment is overseen by the Trinity Council of Light.For a while Bill Austin has felt drawn to teach Practical Mastery™ but the concepts around Practical Mastery™ are so easy that it seemed silly to make people fly hundreds of miles for a two or three day class. When Bill asked the Trinity Council of Light for the easiest, most effective way to train people in Practical Mastery™ what they showed him is that he could attune practitioners to transmit all of the Practical Mastery sessions to themselves and others and that the Trinity Council of Light could create a multidimensional contract that would empower the Trinity Council of Light to block any transmissions of the frequencies from Practical Mastery™ that had the potential to lower the light or love quotient of any sentient being including the practitioner. This agreement was named the Insurance Policy Template.

Basically the decision to become a Practical Mastery™ practitioner creates a sacred covenant between you and the Trinity Council of Light. In order to insure that these sacred energies are not misused, every person applying to become a practitioner is required to energetically view a calibrated image that is imprinted with the energies of the Insurance Policy Template and a READ ONLY version of the attunement to be able to transmit the energies from Practical Mastery™  to yourself and others (see link below) BEFORE they are attuned as a Practical Mastery™ Practitioner.


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