By Richard Botham 

The virtual assistant is a self-employed or service of an organization, off-site professional who assists businesses of every size and industries. Virtual Assistants are highly skilled, experienced professionals who are working outside the traditional corporate roles. All virtual assistants would utilize the internet and other emerging technology to customize their own work environments. Concept of virtual assistants is popular to serve various industries in short span of time.


A Virtual assistant is a highly skilled, independent capitalist who provides business services in a remote or virtual environment. Virtual assistants have many ways of communication including fax, telephone (usually multiple lines), email, and postal service.

Virtual Assistants are professionals who:

  • Exceptionally skilled and experienced in both of the way technically and administratively
  • Process your projects from start to finish,
  • Dedicated and driven to increase your productivity,
  • Time to concentrate on your business,
  • Committed towards an ongoing relationship with you and your business,

Virtual assistants can provide a various services then the traditional administrative assistants, often incorporating Bookkeeping services, desktop publishing, web page design, internet research, personalized mailing services. Because of this broad array of services, the virtual assistant is particularly valuable to small business owners, or those desiring personal assistants to help with less traditional tasks.

Benefits of Using a Virtual Office Assistant:

  • Pay only for time worked – fixed fee quote when possible
  • Increase your productivity
  • More time for you to generate more business
  • No costly payroll taxes
  • No need to provide expensive benefits
  • No need for extra space or office equipment
  • No costly temporary agency fees

A virtual assistant is a self-governing capitalist providing managerial, technical and/or creative service. An expert virtual assistant provide assistance to clients in his area of expertise from his own office. An effective virtual assistant can organize a calendar, clear out an email inbox, handle maintenance and communicate with prospective clients.

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