Wheneveur I want to unwind and relax, I pick out one of my favorite books from my bookcase, settle down in my easy-chair, put my feet up, and open the book to any random page, or thumb through the pages, and dip into whatever arrests my attention, and as I begin reading I experience a soothing feeling and a calm tranquil sensation of absolute and perfect relaxation. From time to time, I let myself drift off into sweet slumber, and when I come around I begin my relaxed reading again. So the cycle continues till my mind recaptures the harmony it has lost during the hustle and bustle of daily life, and my inner self feels soothingly nourished.

Reading, writing and basic computational skills are considered essential components of a good education. Of these three reading is the most important. Reading is the foundation upon which other academic skills are built. Mastery of reading skills in the primary grades has often been considered a good predictor of future academic success. The content subjects like history and science rely heavily upon the ability read, synthesize, analyzes and process information.

Not only did I learn to read but I became a reader. I discovered that reading opened the doors to the amazing world of books. Through reading I have explored the world, relived important historical events and many other wonderful adventures. A little secret my mom shared was that if you can read you can learn to do anything. I have learned how to cook, scrap booking techniques, make home repairs and even program a web page by reading. In fact, most my hobbies I have learned by reading. Educationally reading is the great equalizer. It can provide a well-rounded education regardless of the availability of formal education opportunities available.

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