Before you begin a practice to achieve any type of success—personal, professional or spiritual, invest a little time learning about the mind and its connection to the non-physical world. After all, it’s this connection to the unknown, to the invisible world of spiritual forces that will help you achieve extraordinary results in your everyday life.

Remote influencing and remote viewing are very powerful tools for developing your inner power.


According to behavior scientists, has four distinct states of mental awareness: beta, alpha, theta and delta. In each of these levels of awareness, there are distinct brainwaves. Each state corresponds to different levels of mind and body control.

In the first state of awareness, beta, your brainwaves oscillate the most—between 14-30 times per second. As your mind quiets down, it starts to produce slower brain wave activity, such as alpha and theta. When you relax even deeper, your mind enters the domain of delta where brainwaves oscillate between 1 and 4 times per second.

Delta is the domain of mystical and magical experiences. It is the deepest level of awareness; it is the doorway to the unknown. Delta is our greatest link to the divine, to the Creator of all things, to Universal Intelligence.


remote viewing experiment #2
remote viewing experiment #2 (Photo credit: mtnbikrrrr)

The deeper you travel into the depths of your mind, the greater will be your ability to connect to your greatest power, to your inner vision or higher self. The reason is this. The closer you get to delta, the closer you’ll be to accessing the Creator of all things—the most powerful force there is.

The subconscious mind is a bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world. It is a bridge that you will need to cross, rather than stay on, contrary to what many believe.

As you cross this bridge and travel deeper within your inner world, you will access the forces that will help you achieve extraordinary results. This is true not only for remote viewing and for remote influencing, but for all powerful meditative-type practices.


There are many courses that teach people how to remote view while operating at the alpha level. While millions of people have experienced some basic levels of remote sensing (viewing) while at the alpha level, there are limitations with remote viewing at this level of awareness.

The problem with remote viewing in the alpha state is that you still receive a lot of information that originates from the beta level, the lowest level of mind awareness. It’s similar to ordinary dreaming, when one draws information from the beta level. Perceptions from the beta level is typically filled with a lot of mind noise and can not be relied on.


remote viewing experiment #1
remote viewing experiment #1 (Photo credit: mtnbikrrrr)

The secret to the most powerful remote viewing technique lies in how far you travel into the deeper levels of your mind. Unless you reach the higher levels of heightened consciousness, your mind will be subject to sensing information from the beta level, a level of mental awareness that is greatly limited.

Remote viewing techniques that teach you how to access theta will be far more effective in teaching you remote viewing. That’s because theta is the closest level to the ultimate universal mind, it’s the direct doorway into delta. The delta level operates outside of time and space; it is infinity.

In short, it’s when you remote view at the theta level that you can truly remote sense the unknown and be far more effective in your remote viewing practices.

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Although the core of the teachings are based on knowledge that has been passed down by very powerful Native American elders, the teachings are not only Native American; they transcend culture and are universal.

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