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There are many different ways to overwrite the limiting or damaging messages that are stored in your subconscious mind.

You could work simultaneously with all of these strategies, but it will be much more effective if you pick just one or two methods to start. You want to give them your full attention, rather than skipping around and diluting your efforts.

Remember, you can always incorporate additional techniques over time, but it is recommended that you start with visualization.

Your subconscious mind responds well to pictures. Visualization is a great way to program your mind with positive, empowering images. Try spending 10-15 minutes a day visualizing positive scenes that feature you and your life experiences.

Here are some things you may want to visualize:

• An abundance of money

• A beautiful home

• Fulfilling relationships

• An expensive car

• Passionate work

• Exotic vacations

• A slender, fit body

• Anything else you wish to draw into your life

As you do this consistently, you end up redrawing the negative pictures stored from your past experiences, tears, worries, and doubts.


1. Close your eyes quietly and take a deep breath – just fill your lungs with air, then exhale and relax. Breathe deeply and evenly and if you feel your breathing is rough and sharp, try to slow it down.

2. Breathe deeply and evenly. With each breath, imagine it is like a swing that flies up; and as you exhale, imagine the descent of the swing.

3. Mentally visualize the environment. You can be swinging anywhere: in a well-known garden, or in the one created by your imagination, or perhaps somewhere in the park. Maybe the swing is tied to a tree in an old garden. You can imagine that you are a child again, sitting on a swing, or perhaps you are swinging someone else; all the time breathing deeply. Imagine what you will see when you look up. In a cloudless blue sky, somewhere high above you, the plane is flying. The wings of the plane are flashing in the sun. You might hear the birds singing or the voices of children playing. Swings rise up and through the tops of trees and through the roofs of the buildings, in the distance, you can see the tower of the church.

4. Breathing deeply and evenly, you may experience the physical effect of gravity in the lower part of your back, in your neck, or in your shoulders. Sit quietly and breathe deeply. All the while, imagine that you are directly targeting the location of the gravity with the life giving oxygen you are inhaling. Imagine the oxygen is cleansing and treating you. As you continue your relaxation breathing, quietly, there is no longer any tension and you experience the feeling of gravity simply dissolve.

5. Do this for a few minutes until you feel relaxed. Next, start monitoring the way that your body feel. Start with your feet. Think of relaxing each toe on one foot, then your leg, then move to the other leg. Imagine you are so relaxed that you just feel your fingers, while you separate them, barely. At that time, your legs will be feeling heavy. Stretch your legs in a relaxed and careful manner. This will be peaceful. Continue to monitor the feeling of every muscle in your body, and consciously rest them. Feel your abdominal muscles, as they are flaccid as you quietly inhale and exhale. Be attentive to the rhythm of your breathing. It will have slowed down, as it should, just as it does every night before you fall asleep.

6. As you experience deeper relaxation, you will be conscious of feeling your heart beat. Relax your head muscles. Let all the muscles in your face, mouth and lips relax. The muscles in your neck and shoulders should be flaccid and at rest. And now, concentrate all the tension in your head, neck and shoulders flowing down through your hands and leaving your system, through the ends of your fingers. Your hands should feel heavy, as they are comfortably stretched and relaxed. Monitor the feelings in your hands and fingers for sensations of tingling, throbbing, pulsating, and heat or cold.

7. Be calm and quiet as you are breathing. Pay close attention to the feeling you are being encompassed by. Everyone’s experience in this mesmerism will be different. While one person may feel how heavy their legs, hands, or whole body have become, another person may feel that they have become weightless and that they are floating in the air. You may feel as though your legs are fusible with other objects nearby or that they are tingling. Just know that as you are studying full relaxation, you will gradually become proficient at achieving this state of full relaxation quickly and easily. Make it a point to become familiar with your feelings and sensations when you are feeling relaxed. Pay attention to these body signals, because they will indicate when you have reached a level of relaxation; when your subconscious can communicate positive guidance and advice.

8. Now you can experience a positive sense of internal guidance and advice. Start with short simple sentences. Calmly tell yourself, “I’m relaxed. I had a great feeling. I am using self-hypnosis and thus I will improve my life.” Repeat this a few times.

9. Spend a few minutes to enjoy the blissful state of complete rest. Meditate on yourself, intently. Think about the future, optimistically. Take a few moments to think about your past successes, from the moment when you first stood up, slipped, sat down and stood up again and thus learned to walk. Maybe you remember when you wrote your name for the first time, or you traveled by bicycle, or learned to swim. Maybe you remember your first day of school. Think of the many things that you have accomplished; from the time you were a two or three year old, when you first learned to speak and understand language.

10. Count slowly from five to one, then open your eyes and come back to reality. Look around at the room. Stretch well and celebrate the fact that you have achieved so much.


When you are engaging in self-hypnosis at night in bed, try not to escalate your emotions. In that way, you can simply go to sleep after the session.

Over the course of a few days, try to perform this exercise at least once a day. Make it a habit to do it intelligently. When you feel you can use your own words to overcome the problem, do it. This can give you self-confidence when you go into an interview for a new job. In this case, you could say: “I believe in myself. I’m determined to enjoy this experience. I will be quiet and moderate.” Then imagine yourself behaving in the manner that you desire to, with a peace of mind and with self-confidence. Don’t worry, you can experience quite a deep self-hypnosis, without any negative impact on your performance.

How to know if your reprogramming effort is working.

subconscious_thinking_processOne of the most challenging aspects of reprogramming your subconscious mind is that you can’t peek inside and see what’s still there that might need to be changed!

Instead, you’ll have to develop a strong sense of self-awareness so you can catch self-sabotaging behavior before it gets out of hand. Even so, there are still some clear signs of progress that you may recognize:

• You begin feeling stronger, more confident and happier.

• You find yourself more willing to take risks and face challenges.

• Your dreams and goals don’t seem overwhelming anymore – just exciting.

• You feel a deeper sense of inner peace, as if inner conflicts are dissolving.

• You attract more opportunities to expand and grow in every area of your lite.

In short, you’ll know when changes are taking place in your subconscious mind because you’ll notice a shift in both your inner and outer being. The evidence is usually undeniable!

Consistent, Persistent Reinforcement!

It’s important to give this reprogramming process time to work. Don’t expect to see immediate changes (occasionally that can happen, but more often it takes time).

Be very consistent and persistent with the methods you choose, as you introduce more positive messages into your subconscious mind. As soon as these transformations become apparent, you’ll feel motivated to keep moving forward, but until that happens, stick with it and know that these changes are lifelong, powerful and well worth waiting for.

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