Treating All People With Respect – An Essential Leadership Skill


Respectful-LeadershipPeople will like to be treated with respect and those that feel disrespected office seek revenge. Therefore, a leader should treat all people with respect otherwise they can assume that there will be some active disrespect coming their way and perhaps even a little sabotage. Once an organization breaks down to the point where people are sabotaging the success all is lost and the team is no longer viable, and therefore, cannot win.

Most people believe that respect must be earned. Most everyone believe that tolerates should be granted to a point. However, most people will not overly recognize someone or treat them with respect unless they know who they are, what they have done, and that they stand for integrity. A leader of course has to go beyond this especially with his team and his followers.

An essential leadership skill is the ability to treat people with respect, while still giving them constructive criticism and let them know what is expected. There are very simple ways to treat people with respect and much of it has to do with body language.

When you shake someone’s hand look them in the eyes. When you pass someone in the hall, nod your head and recognize them, no matter what level in the organization they are. Using titles in front of people’s names is also a good way to treat people with respect.

Remembering people‘s names is the best way to treat people with respect and something they’ll always remember. If you wish to be a great leader you’re going to have to remember to treat people with respect, even when you feel someone has disrespected you. Please consider all this.

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