NPHuman Nature and Animals of Planet Earth

by: James W. Astrada


Many human cultures around the planet see animals in different perspectives (some more compassionate than others) and for different purposes.  While many will justify their actions based on either religious cult beliefs/practices or “cultural” rites, most humans have difficulty in changing their destructive nature against animals.  Some humans have grown universally and consider their domestic animals part of their family which is positive in nature; however, we select which animals are more important than others.  The biosphere holds every single organism important with each completing a function necessary for unity.  Nature has no bias, doesn’t sacrifice animals for cult rituals with desire for hurting an enemy or gaining power, or purposefully uses animals for military training or other unnecessary studies (laboratory analysis/experimentation).  There could be many arguments on both sides why these acts continue without seeking less painful alternatives; however very little gets done in actually making changes.

As a PETA member, my message for humanity is not to buy into supporting a program by donating funds every month to “investigate” horrific animal cruelty by companies or corporations. Nor coerce one into morally support programs just because they view injured animals at the mercy of barbaric human behavior; rather this can be done on an individual level with the proper knowledge and heart to change.  If every human (that has the capacity for love and compassion) decide to act kindly to every organism without the intention of hurting them, and without the promise of reward or the threat of punishment (as most organized religions tend to promote), then we may grow positive within to become a greater being in the step for ascensionHypothetically, there would be no need for these organizations if everyone did their part.  Humans should do things without expecting something in return; rather because we are constantly working to improve ourselves.  With regards to animals, I am not saying/demanding that everyone has to love every animal in the world (because some of us just do not like animals); rather do not hurt them or try to cause damage to their physical/spiritual bodies.  Every organism (despite many organized religious cults) has a spirit body that connects them to Mother Earth/Gaia and returns to her once their physical body dies.  Mostly all Native American cultures have lived by this and treated animals with respect and care due to their connection with nature.  Animals feel pain despite many doubts in some cultures and suffer immensely due to barbaric treatment by humans.  If we are the caretakers of Earth due to us being the “dominant species,” we are doing a horrible job; we seem to have lost our connection with nature and are paying for it dearly.  Only a few humans care and try to do their part; however since this is a collective effort, their changes on a grand scale are barely recognized.

Of course there will be arguments due to many meat eaters that will not change their ways simply because they have to care for animals; however this doesn’t mean we should treat them horribly.  There is a need for more humane practices that don’t force chickens to suffer in crowded cages standing in their own feces next dead carcasses simply because we crave KFC’s bucket meal.  Even New Yorker columnist Michael Specter stated in his report in 2003:

“I was almost knocked to the ground by the overpowering smell of feces and ammonia. My eyes burned and so did my lungs and I could neither see nor breathe….There must have been thirty thousand chickens sitting silently on the floor in front of me. They didn’t move, didn’t cluck. They were almost like statues of chickens, living in nearly total darkness, and they would spend every minute of their six-week lives that way”

Cows that are tagged with a number too sick to walk are beaten with chains dragged, abused/kicked, sprayed/hosed, and forklifted just to make it passed the USDA inspection line.  This unacceptable cruelty puts food at risk that could lead to potential mad cow disease or infecting the other healthy cows before humans joyfully eat it.  These few examples show how sick and twisted human beings can be for the sake of profit or just because we take joy out of it.  Could it be that human beings have a destructive nature that cannot be stopped, or do the few who refuse to act this way save our barbaric race from spiraling out of control?  Why do we act this way and what has happened to our good nature?  Did we ever have it to begin with, or are the few anomalies developing it now due to ascension?

This cruelty doesn’t just affect our “food” supply but other areas as well including “sanctuaries” for domestic animals.  In my home state of Florida, Caboodle Ranch INC. was supposedly a safe haven for rescued cats in Jacksonville.  After investigations by PETA due to complaints after five months, evidence displayed a completely different picture.   Video footage displayed cats suffering from upper respiratory illness, cats with green discharge from their eyes, noses which spread to other cats infecting them. One cat’s iris protruded through a ruptured cornea and suffered for months before anyone bothered to notice.  She eventually died after months of neglect. Cats lived in their own vomit and waste despite Caboodle’s claim of a “clean environment.”  They also contained maggots in their food bowls and medications kept in refrigerators inside a dilapidated trailer infested with cockroaches.  After all 700 cats were seized, the founders were now to face several charges including two felonies.  Why do humans act this way?  What is the need for this senseless cruelty that not only makes us look very bad in the grand scheme of things, but also has no explanation?

We desperately need change in our behavior before we ascend to the next level as a race.  The only way I believe this can be done is if every individual does their part.  Don’t be cruel to those who mean you no harm especially cats and dogs.  They are suffering enough as it is being homeless, full of diseases and hungry just like we are.  We should connect to them more instead of treating them bad because they are in the same predicament as we are.  If you plan to welcome one into your life, love them as you would love yourself (if you love yourself!) and they will give you back the same in return.  They are loyal, never complain, never nag about how life is unfair, never have mood swings just because they had a bad day, will always wait for you and are more intelligent than we give them credit for.  We can learn a lot from them to become better people to each other.  We are far from learning from our mistakes, however showing compassion and love to other organisms is a start in the right direction.  If you don’t choose to have an animal companion that is fine….just don’t hurt animals for the sake of enjoyment, “hobby,” boredom, or because you plan to make money (dog fights/cock fights).  Leave them be as they leave you be.  Just imagine another race that comes into contact with us which is gigantic in nature. Would we want them to extend the same “courtesy” that we have shown our animal companions with our senseless cruelty?  It seems that only when we suffer immensely, most of us finally learn the lesson.


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© James Astrada 2012.


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