I’m writing this not because I’m a marvelous guitar player, and I’ve got plenty of tips and advices to offer you. In fact, I’d rate my current guitar mastery level at 3 out of 10 if there were a measuring device in creation for measuring one’s skill level on a musical instrument.

I’m writing this becfffffffff ause I want to become a good guitar player. And I’m planning on doing it by creating a road map chronicling my progress from the beginning of my journey to the end- i.e. mastering the guitar. The reasons I’m doing this? Well, I’d say that I’ve recently rediscover a new drive in reviving my guitar playing dream, together with a new approach. And, I’ve also re-found the excitement in doing this by:

1. Hitching on the Vehicle.

In my previous post, I was mentioning about creating thoughts-link outlining your interests and desires, and using drives to set you down the road towards your destination. In my case, my destination is to become a good guitar player. I can imagine that the journey is a long way ahead- let me for the sake of clarity, set my time of arrival at one year from now. But equally as important, I’ve boarded on, what I think, the right vehicle towards my journey. The vehicle is called “Learn & Master Guitar” by Legacy Learning System. The man on the wheel- Steve Krenz. This program has picked me up from where I’ve gotten off before, and that was in the wilderness of guitar books, tablatures, tips and tutorials, and practice-till-your-fingers-sore-and-your-spirit-driven-out-of-you routines. The wilderness was a junkyard!

2. Remembering to watch the scenery.

This time around, I’ve resolved to enjoy myself over the journey ride. No more buckling down, seated uptight at the back-row upholstery, eyes transfixed to the front windscreen, fearing that the vehicle would tumble over anytime, and myself stranded in no-man’s-land. Not to say, getting lost on the way, which I’ve had experienced for many times in the past. This time, by looking out of the windows, I’ll keep my eyes opened for interesting people, notable outlooks, peculiar activities, and outlandish discussions. If possible, let me engage those who share the same ride with me. This can be fun!

3. Not thinking that it’s just a guitar ride.

What’s more boring than listening to the same tune playing over and over again during your one-year journey- which might also run a whole life time- even on the one that promises to deliver you to your destination? You’ll be missing a lot. Immerse yourself with other things in life. That’s why I’ve started this blog in the first place. By engaging other aspects of living in your guitar learning experience, you’ll constantly discover new drives that will charge you forward. So, when you’re hearing “guitar,guitar,guitar,…” playing non-stop on the radio, and you’re falling asleep on your seat, remember to switch the channel.

4. Road-mapping the way

This is where the main activities come to be. During the journey, I’m taking notes of new insights, comments, discoveries; and picking up new hobbies, readings, and habits. I’ve come to understand that by linking up your thoughts, you’ll be able to weave a web of internal road map that signify your personality. The experience of guitar learning (or, of any hobby) doesn’t have to stand alone by itself. Make it a part of the whole of your being… and a significant part if you wish it to be.fmjm

Dreams should be driven. Be your own conductor!

Written by Malcolm Kee

Malcolm Kee is a self-motivator, who has set out to overcome his previous shortcomings in achieving his goals, like playing guitar. With a new outlook, he is determined to revive his pursuit of success, which he hopes will inspire others who has also tried and failed. The new method would be identifying drives (motivation), mind-mapping (connecting thoughts), exploring more than one aspect of life (escape

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