Rumours of Reality’s Destruction

By Sophia John

There is panic in the alternate dimensions as rumours of an evil force has set out to destroy the realms. The evil force is rumoured to be the Jinn known as Luzige. For centuries there have been whispers that he would try to destroy the astral dimensions. And if so, there is only one who could defeat him. The rumours stem from the mysterious prophecies by the Sufi group known as the Al’arabean.

There are also some who are saying Terra 3d (earth) is in danger as well. But its citizens remain unaware and blissful and care is being taken so that they do not get wind of it. However there is great restlessness occurring among the beings of Earth which is puzzling quite a few in the alternate dimension, why are they awakening now?  So far the majority remain unaware of the Jinn’s presence… but for how long?  There is no hope once Luzige takes hold of a frequency, not much is known about his methods as none have survived.  Brave few have attempted an escape from the destruction of Luzige. They have not succeeded and it is not advisable to do so…

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