Self empowerment comes from having a sense of control over one’s life. When we do not have control we end up feeling powerless, helpless, and at the mercy of others. This article focuses on strengthening our coping skills in order to feel in control.

In the current climate of economic uncertainty there are many external factors which are out of our control. Consequently it becomes all the more important to strengthen and value what is in our control.

Have you read abimages (15)out the work done by Deborah Gruenfeld, a psychologist at Stanford University? Her experiments show that a central characteristic of power is that it produces a sense of control. She cautions that there are those who take power too far while there are others who limit their lives by not using the power they do have. Often times we give up control in areas that we really have more power. Deborah Gruenfeld gave a wonderful personal example of her helplessness. She was on an airplane in the middle seat. The man to her right turned on the air vent so it blasted cold air on both of them. She was very uncomfortable. She suffered for a long time before she reached up and turned the air vent off. Later she wondered why it took her so long to act.

Here are three empowering questions to ask?

1. Ask yourself: What do I want?

Using the pronoun “I” puts you into awareness of your own needs.

2. What are my choices?

A good question to ask because it forces you to go inside yourself to figure out what your options are.

3. What am I willing to do?

This is the step that empowers you to take action and puts you in charge of yourself.

In these tough economic times, when so many things are potentially out of our control, we need to strengthen the areas where we do have control. Utilizing our own emotional strength will empower us to find solutions and thrive in these times.

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