The concepts of service to others (STO) and service to self (STS) are the central cornerstone of the teaching of first Ra and then Cassiopaea. We find these same fundamentals expressed in different terms throughout esoteric culture. The fundamental nature and extreme breadth of these concepts makes them difficult to define since these are in one way or another reflected in all things.

Ra said that for the human level, speaking of STO vs. STS was the most appropriate terminology because humans tend to think in terms of action and its ethical basis. The concepts of absorption for STS and radiance for STO could also be used as a metaphor. At any rate, the principles are beyond words.

Cosmologically, the Cassiopaeans speak of ‘dual emergence’ from the One. This is the source of all which is and this is where the first duality comes into being. The principle of free will, at its various levels of manifestation, mediates between these. This can be compared to Gurdjieff‘s first triad, the Sun Absolute dividing in three at the start of the ray of creation. In the most abstract sense, the existence of two dissimilar forces or tendencies plus free will is the simplest basis for an open universe. All the forms of creation follow from these, through a series of increasingly restricted or mechanical levels of being. These levels correspond to the densities of Ra and Cassiopaea or the cosmoses of the 4th Way.

Depending on the context, the STO/STS duality manifests differently. Specific aspects of this duality are described in many other articles of the present work. We will here list different dualities and how they can be seen in relation to STO and STS. A comprehensive description is impossible at our level and we will need to have recourse to allegory.

Spirit / matter – STS beings worship the physical universe [C’s]. We could say that all is consciousness but a full half of the consciousness is asleep, in the form of matter. The second half then uses this as a canvas or material for creation. Pure STS cannot exist without some form of materiality, hence does not occur past 4th density.[C’s] See ‘6th Density,’ ‘4th Density.’

Creation / entropy – Creation is multiplicity of forms, entropy is sameness or homogeneity. STS preoccupation with control is in the end entropic. See Entropy, Chaos, Creation and Order.

Being / non-being – See ‘Being vs. Non-Being.’

Dispersion / collection of gravity – According to the Cassiopaeans, gravity is the fabric that ties all existence together, across all densities. Dispersing gravity corresponds to STO, collecting gravity to STS. This leads to a black hole being the physical representation of the idea of STS, as the C’s put it. Light is the energy expression of gravity, in this sense radiance and the trapping of light inside the black hole allegorically correspond to STO/STS. See transcripts for much more.

Balance / imbalance – C’s: :STO is balance because you serve self through others. […] STO is balance. STS is imbalance. […] STO flows outward and touches all including point of origin, STS flows inward and touches only origin point.’

This is why the terms are sometimes defined as service to self through serving others (STO) or serving others through serving the self (STS). Or as Ra puts it, worshiping God in self or worshiping God in creation, all service is thus of the One in the end. See Cassiopaea transcripts for much more.

Light / darkness – The darkness is the backdrop into which the light shines. Both are necessary for defining each other. See Gravity.

Radiance / absorption – STS corresponds to absorbing or concentrating energy. STO corresponds to radiating outward.

Freedom / control – STS is concerned with control over all aspects of self and others. STS also believes that by imposing its laws it is helping the universe to return to the One, thus it thinks its action is a service to others. STO sees creation as inherently limitless and is not concerned with determining what is ‘good’ for another.

Expansion / contraction – Exploring possibilities corresponds to STO, imposing limits on others to STS.

Network / hierarchy – In terms of social organization, STS naturally tends towards the hierarchy with internal competition for resources and power. STO tends towards sharing and passing around that which is received. See ‘Networking‘, ‘STS Hierarchy.’

Giving vs. Taking – C’s: STS does not eat according to protocol. It takes if it is capable. STO gives all to those who ask. See All to those who Ask.

Objectivity / subjectivity – Wishful thinking is the hallmark of STS. They only see what they want to see. [C’s] See ‘Objectivity‘ and ‘Subjectivity.’

Good / evil – In human ethical terms, what is generally considered evil most often corresponds to STS. The terms are however laden with a baggage of subjectivity and what is good for one can be bad for another, thus these are easily misleading. The polarization to either STO/STS cannot be reduced to an external code of ethics only.

From a cosmic standpoint, both polarities are necessary. This does not however mean that these can be effectively reconciled at the human level. Thus the cosmic call on the human is to choose one or the other.

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