The Seventh Journey Trailer / Film project is scheduled to shoot day 3 this Sunday January 29th.  The work involved is primarily focused around two of the remaining three special effects shots left.  Although the major ‘pinnacle’ special effect scene was filmed two weeks ago, what remains is by no means ‘easy.’  As we are now involving more actors on these remaining days, much more scheduling, set preparation, prop creation, and coordination is required.

The scenes this Sunday will star well known model/actress Dawn Garabedian, who has done a great deal of work in the fashion industry in her career.  Her pivotal role as Inspector Nancy Moretti will frame how the Seventh Journey itself is told in the written material.  After seeing how the trailer will position her, you’ll understand how the book continues where we left off.  Personally I wouldn’t look at this trailer as depicting exactly what the story has to offer, as it’s more positioned to display key scenes, and additional content which the series itself will demonstrate.  It’s a teaser, so buy yourself a copy to figure out the rest!

More tweets, and pictures will come out this Sunday, so stay tuned as we queue up the remaining special effects.  I’m not spoiling the surprise… so again, you’ll just have to guess what we’re up to!

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