Seventh Journey is also available in Adobe DRM PDF files, a common format for personal computers.  Many people are familiar with Adobe PDF files, as they have been a common file format for years on the internet.    Now for those who may like to enjoy reading at their PC, or in a format that can be viewed on multiple devices, that option is available.  Viewable through Windows, Mac, Linux, or phones and tablets, PDF files are quite versatile.  Many common e-book readers can view Adobe PDF files in addition to their own formats.  Due to it being so common, this feature is widely incorporated in most devices with only a few exceptions (such as Kindle).

Should you enjoy reading books in this format, has a wonderful library of books in this format.  Many people have asked me about when I’ll be carrying the book in PDF, so here it is!  For further information, here are a few FAQ‘s from


Which eReaders are supported at eBookMall?

Please see our full list of supported eReaders and devices.

Can I use eBooks from eBookMall on my Kindle?

No. Amazon has engineered the Kindle in such a way that it will only read eBooks that are purchased at There are a few exceptions to this, but if you have a Kindle, your best option is to buy Kindle eBooks from We would love to be able to provide eBooks for Kindle devices and will if it is ever possible.

I downloaded my eBook but now I can’t find it.

If you downloaded an Adobe DRM eBook: When you install Adobe Digital Editions, a folder called “My Digital Editions” is created in your My Documents folder (Windows) or Documents folder (Mac). eBooks protected by Adobe DRM automatically save to that folder.

How To Buy and download eBooks

We have detailed information on how to order and download eBooks on our How To Buy eBooks page.


Special thanks to for distributing Seventh Journey.  I hope you enjoy reading it!


Seventh Journey is available now:

HardcoverAmazonUS  AmazonCA  Barnes & Noble  Chapters/Indigo

PaperbackAmazonUS  AmazonCA  Barnes & Noble  Chapters/Indigo

EbookNook  Kobo  Kindle  Googlebooks

Featured in Barnes & Nobles Rising Star Collection

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