Scientist Jacob cross is living every engineer’s nightmare…

SJBook2cover_resizeThe groundbreaking device he helped to develop, a headset he thought had purely medical applications, is actually being used to enslave millions. It’s also capable of transporting users into a strange and dangerous alternate dimension, to a world with its own terrifying threats. To avoid becoming one of his company’s new mindslaves, Jacob sends himself through the portal. There, he meets Tamara, a mysterious girl and falls in love.

Tamara’s world is also under attack from the vicious, insatiable, locust-like creature called Luzige. Luzige has also tapped into the power to travel among dimensions, and has set his eyes on Earth. Earth is defenseless against Luzige, as his locusts swarm the planet.

A lost and confused Jacob returns to Earth in search of his friends. Can he mount a final assault to save the planet and humanity from these interdimensional beings? Or will Luzige make this rich new planet his home at any cost?

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