Join Jacob Cross as he sets out across a journey leading him through multiple dimensions where he learns the deeper meaning to his life, and how he’s tied to the fate of those around him…

Seventh Journey Book 1

Netex, an advanced research firm with more than one secret agenda, has developed a mind-altering headset technology which now poses a threat to all of humanity. The headset uses a mysterious sound wave called “Auditum” that can control the brain and even hurls users into a different dimension.

Staff scientist Jacob Cross has been deeply involved in developing this new headset and was led to believe the technology would serve various medical applications. Now terrified that his invention will be used to enslave millions, Jacob sends himself through the dimensional portal. There, Jacob falls in love with the powerful yet ghostly Tamara, who warns him that the fate of both their worlds are now linked by a shared peril. Tamara’s world has fallen prey to a monstrous adversary who now threatens to destroy Jacob’s world as well.

Jacob awakens, only to find his real life turned upside down as he is caught in a murderous plot created by the CEO of Netex. His loyalties are quickly torn between the two linked dimensions, causing Jacob to question his own sanity and even his ability to know what is real-and what is not.

    • Featured in Readers Digest Magazine “Books You’ll Love To Share!” – October 2013
    • Winner of AuthorHouse/Penguin Books Editor’s Choice Award 2012
    • Winner of AuthorHouse/Penguin Books Rising Star Award 2012
  • Featured in WhatsFab Magazine, Shelf Unbound, Writers Digest, and many more

Winner of an Editor’s Choice award, and Rising Star Award from Bloomington, IN based publisher iUniverse, a subsidiary of Penguin Group, Seventh Journey comes from humble beginnings.  Originally self-published as a rough draft through, author Robert J. R. Graham continued polishing the work, until a final edit was made through publishing with iUniverse.

The overall Seventh Journey story focuses on inspiring and empowering the reader through the various adventures of Jacob Cross.  With Book II scheduled to come out around March of 2014, there is much anticipation by fans.

If you haven’t already, pick up your copy of Seventh Journey Book I today.

It was just truly profound. The author showed a deep appreciation of the complex concepts of mysticism, mind control and futuristic technology.” –Hina Abbas,

“The concepts in Seventh Generation are brilliant. It’s obvious that the Author has significant knowledge in philosophical and science fiction writing. If you want to go on an amazing, mind-blowing fantasy, read this book.” –JP Lynn,

“Jacob creates auditory technology for his employer, but its applications far exceed what was originally contemplated. It expands his mind and leads him on a wild journey. Great read, especially with mind-altering technology about to burst from research labs.” Regina M. Joseph,

“One thing I thought was cool was the Auditum Headset technology, which uses sound waves to give the scientist in the story, Jacob, some really unique and amazing powers. Jacob ends up traveling into another dimension where he meets a girl that shows him how to really use his abilities, these two end up teaming up to stop an evil force that is trying to enter Jacob’s world.” –Lucidity,


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