Here I am, waiting by the entrance of our condo building, with two cops questioning me. I was so furious with Jacob. Every single time I tried to talk to him or get him to open up, he automatically shut me out. I was just so frustrated!  He’d always say “Anna, I can’t talk about it.”  I was sad, I was lonely and I was fed up. He was a different person when he got into an argument; it was like he shut down…it was like he didn’t care any more. I didn’t understand how after all these years — almost ten years — he could be so cold with me. He barely spoke to me; he didn’t even try to make any moves on me anymore. I could never understand him. He was always so secretive lately, ever since he started working. I thought that maybe now that he’d had some time off, he’d start paying more attention to me, but he just acted like he was someone else, and I didn’t even matter. I was just there to be his support system…because it was always about him, and never about anyone else. I was tired of it…I really was.

“Guys? So, what are you going to do…just question me in the back of your police car?  If I miss this train, the next one won’t be till tomorrow morning. Can we get on with this please?”  I was getting impatient. I just felt like I needed to get out of there.

“Well, Ms. Harris we can simply ask you a few questions right here and you can be on your way. In fact, why don’t we do that now?  Let me just get my…PC here. Ok…got it.”  He was cute, trying to be polite as he fumbled for his equipment.

“Please state your full name for the record,” Officer Emerson asked. He was a tall, African-American guy, very well built…definitely attractive.


“Can you please describe, Anna, what happened to you when you arrived home and found your condo robbed tonight?”

“Well, I got off the elevator, turned the corner and noticed that my front door was open. I figured it must have been Jacob just being careless, but when I opened the door all the way and saw all of our stuff all over the place I panicked. I was scared. I rushed all over the house screaming for Jacob…I thought he might have been hurt, but he wasn’t even home!  With all of the crime that’s been going on lately, with the home invasions and the stabbings…I was terrified. I ran all over the house and looked in all the closets, and that’s when I found Cody.”

“So, Mr. Cross wasn’t home, and you found your dog Cody in the closet. Then what?”

“I was horrified. I pulled him out of the closet and over to the couch. He was still breathing, and that’s when I noticed he had this syringe sticking out of him. It was small…like a dart. I pulled it out of him and put it on the table.”

“You pulled out the syringe?  Did you use your bare hands or did you use a cloth?”

“I used my bare hands…I guess you might find my prints on there if that’s what you’re concerned about. But what did you want me to do?  The dog got up fifteen minutes later…did you want me to have him walk around with a needle stuck in him?”  I was getting angry with these guys now, and they were making me late.

“Hopefully, that won’t be an issue. So when exactly did your husband get home?”

“He’s not my husband…he’s my boyfriend. And I’m not even sure about that anymore.”  I still had feelings for Jacob…but it just wasn’t the same anymore. If you loved someone, why would you hurt them?  Every time I pictured myself staying with him, I had to brace myself.

“Hmm. Ok. So what time did Mr. Cross get home?”  Emerson looked like he was jotting down some extra notes on his PC. I knew I’d better watch what I said.

“He came home around 5:30pm or six.”

“Well? Which was it?  5:30 or 6pm?”

“Look, I don’t remember. I wasn’t looking at the clock. Before he got there, I called the vet and I called you guys…then he walked in the door and we started talking about where he’d been.”

“So…where did he say he was while the robbery was going on?  Does he work during the day?”

“He’s on a leave of absence this week. He’s supposed to be going back next week. He said he met a friend of his for lunch, then he went for a walk in the park…then he fell asleep for a while.”

“Mr. Cross fell asleep in the park for a while after eating lunch?  Isn’t the park only a couple blocks away from your apartment?”  He seemed to be getting suspicious about Jacob, and I can’t say he was the only one.

“Well, that’s what he says. Apparently some girl there saw him sleeping on a bench for quite a while. I don’t know…you’d better ask him. I don’t remember all the details. Shortly after we discussed that, you guys arrived…while we were looking around to see if anything was missing.”


To Be Continued…


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