Today I went to the Indigo Books at Bay & Bloor (Manulife Centre), the first stocking location for Seventh Journey.  First off – the store itself is beautiful.  I don’t think I’ve ever been to a better Indigo location, so I’m happy I chose this store for my book signing event.  There’s lots of space, two levels, a couple gift areas, a Star Bucks, and plenty of seating. I casually walked in and looked around for my book.  I knew about 16 copies would be stocked at this location, so I started off by looking in the sections near the entrance.  At first I noticed my book in a section called “Books In

The Media” along side big names such as Stieg Larsson, and Suzanne Collins.  I was impressed at that placement alone, until I became aware of the other locations as well!  I noticed 7 copies there initially.  I grabbed one and went to checkout, and took out my visa to start paying.

At first the attendant noticed my cover, and then I saw a glance towards the author name.  Then again at my visa card, and I saw that he noticed the coincidence.  I told him it was my book, and he said “Oh cool! OK!” and then I told him to flip the book over which revealed my photo.  He called over another employee named Steve and mentioned I was the author.  Steve then suggested I sign all the copies and place the “Signed By Author” sticker on them (Brilliant! Thanks Steve).

Steve then went on a trek across the store to find the other copies, as they were placed in a few different sections.  Local Interest, Great Canadian Authors, Fantasy, and some display copies around the front of the store.  I signed all the copies they could find, and took a few pictures.

One of my key goals throughout this entire process was achieved today.  Since I began writing I desired to be published and on store shelves, and today that wish came true.  I’m very thankful for where I’ve gotten, and ripe with anticipation for what comes next.  The goal now is to sell out all copies from Indigo before my book signing date – let’s hope for the best!  Thanks everyone!




Since the above post was published, I sold out before the book signing date (yay!), and also at the book signing.  My first book signing was great, and friends and family showed tremendous support.  It’s great to have people in your corner, it makes the experience that much more real.

I’ve since done two further book signings with Chapters, with a third being arranged for later this summer.  Coming up, I will also be speaking at the HOPE Foundations Charitable fund raiser.  I will also be signing copies of Seventh Journey Book 1 as apart of the function.  I’m really looking forward to it.  Check out other updates and appearances for future events.  Thanks!



The Seventh Journey is available now:

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Featured in Barnes & Nobles Rising Star Collection

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