Tarif, what happened to you?  What does Cross’ robbery have to do with your death? You worked with Cross, and from what I can tell you were also a good friend of his. I leafed through Tarif’s autopsy report after seizing Jacob’s and Tarif’s PC’s. That’s how I realized the connection between them.

“Inspector, you were right, the forensics lab has discovered that Tarif’s car had, in fact, been pushed off the road. There are two sets of tire tracks at the crime scene, one of which seems to turn sharply at a 76 degree angle resulting in a collision, causing Tarif’s car to lose control and crash into the ditch. There seems to be some additional paint and scratches to the right back fender, most likely that of the suspect’s car,” Constable Millman announced.

“Thanks, Constable. Please inform Staff Sergeant Walker that I’ve received the coroner’s report, and I’d like to discuss it with him.” I responded.

“Inspector, do you think Cross had anything to do with this?  He was already at the station the night of the homicide,” the Constable said.

“Yes, he was here, but according to the time of death, Tarif died roughly 45 minutes after Jacob left the station. It’s not inconceivable, if the murder was pre-meditated, that Mr. Cross could’ve had something to do with the crime. The scene of the accident is only about ten minutes away. After analyzing Tarif’s cell, we found he’d phoned Cross twice, couldn’t get through, and then sent him a text message. He really wanted to get ahold of him,”  I responded as I walked toward my desk at 22 Division.

My cell phone rang out. I answered.

Oh Sergeant Walker…yes.  I’ve received the coroner’s report, there were no signs of a struggle, and time of death was 12:57am Saturday.”

“Inspector Moretti, has the blood work come back yet?”  Walker asked.

“No. That’ll take at least three days to process. So…what about the computers?  Were we able to extrapolate any details on their activities at Netex?”  I asked.

“Actually, yes. There were several emails exchanged over the last two weeks between Jacob and Tarif, each of which mentions the ‘merger.’  They seemed to be talking in some kind of code. We’ve also found that there’s been a recent deposit into Jacob’s bank account, a 20,000 dollar deposit…coming from an offshore account in the Cayman Islands. We’ve done some digging, and that account was opened by Jacob and Tarif exactly one month ago. The total balance of that account now contains about 2.3 million dollars and change,” Walker responded.

“How do they have access to that kind of money?”  I replied.

“The answer to that was found on Tarif’s computer. Apparently they’ve been working on a dummy corporation for months…we have emails that go back as early as March. The numbered company they’ve created is the one which now has holdings in the Caymans, and the one that transferred money to Jacob’s personal chequing account. Netex recently received a two billion dollar contract from the U.S. government to research a series of classified projects, one of which Jacob was working on. It seems that Jacob and Tarif were invoicing Netex over a period of several weeks. Records of these transactions weren’t even on the books at Netex, but I suppose they pay huge invoices all the time…maybe this one got lost?  Another interesting note: the 20,000 dollar transfer took place exactly one day before Tarif’s death. Fifteen-thousand was taken out within hours of the transfer, leaving the 5,000 in Cross’s account. Next thing you know, rich partner dies the next day, and Cross gets an extra million bucks,”  Walker remarked.


To Be Continued…

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