Seventh Journey is now on Kindle!  Grab a copy today for only $3.99 and enjoy Seventh Journey Book 1 on your Kindle.  The apps and the Kindle devices are among the most common ebook readers in the world.  With millions of subscribers, Kindle is quickly becoming the dominant player in the ebook business.  Check out these stellar reviews:

That e-ink screen, frankly, has fascinated me. Part of my attraction to the Kindle was its no-refresh, natural feeling, and the lack of pixel blur on full-page text. I also like the one-handed reading and jacket-pocketable aspects. I followed many of my fellow CNET editors who are proud Kindle owners and made the plunge. I haven’t regretted the purchase.” – CNET

The new Kindle is the best e-reader $100 (or less!) can buy.” – Engadget

if what you want is pure e-reading pleasure for the lowest price around, this is a big, definite winner.” – GigaOm

I can’t think of a single other gadget that costs less than $100 that I’d actually recommend, which makes the new Kindle just about the best Christmas gift out there.” – Popular Science

The basic Kindle e-reader from Amazon now starts at $79, a price point that’s very hard to resist. It seems that those of us late-adopters who have hung back will be nicely rewarded for our patience and circumspection.” – Chicago Tribune

The Seventh Journey is available now:

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Featured in Barnes & Nobles Rising Star Collection

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