This is a passage from the prologue of the Seventh Journey – Book I, and is also the same passage written on the hard cover dust jacket.  The prologue begins with Jacob resting in a hospital bed, having recently awoken from a long coma.  Enjoy!


I lie here bedridden, my body atrophied. Strange visions continue to

pass through my mind—visions of lost friends, monstrous demons,

and an imaginary woman who guided me home. Was it all a dream,

or was it real? Is there a difference anymore?


These thoughts and images continued to plague Jacob’s mind as he drifted

in and out of consciousness. The world was in chaos; numerous major cities

had fallen victim to some unknown destructive force, nearly crippling

every nation on the planet. Food, water, and medicine were scarce; people

were frightened; and there were rumours of an emerging dictator known

as Luzige from the North Americas. Government response was minimal.

Jacob woke once more. Staring out of the hospital window, he wondered

if Tamara was actually real. What seemed like only moments before, they

had embraced each other as if for the last time. Her lips were moist, her

body soft and warm to the touch. When they were together, she seemed

somehow more real than anyone Jacob had ever known. Then he noticed

his friend David Williams sitting in the room with him. He begged

David for details about what had happened since he’d been taken to

the hospital, but David hedged and avoided the question. Then the

door opened, and in walked a beautiful Italian woman wearing blue

jeans and a brown suede jacket, followed by an older gentleman in a

doctor’s coat. He knew her; they’d met before, but he couldn’t remember

her name.

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