"Seventh Journey" A Book Series About Astral Projection

Join Jacob Cross as he builds a technology that instantly causes him to Astral Project, and unlock other Psychic abilities, as he races to stop a menacing force he mistakenly unleashed.

Seventh Journey Book Trailer

Seventh Journey Book I & II

Have you ever had control in your dream?  What about Astral Projection?  Have you heard of it?  Join Jacob Cross on his adventure across different astral dimensions.  The Seventh Journey is a collage of experiences, based on researched real life accounts, all interwoven into a story line which will leave you on the edge of your seat.

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"Seventh Journey" A Book Series About Astral Projection Experiences

Jacob Cross is a scientist that creates a headphone technology called "Auditum" that instantly allows him to achieve instant Astral Projection, along with telepathy, remote viewing, and other paranormal powers.  The series borrows from researched real life astral projection experiences, and paints a vivid description of other dimensions.

Before fully understanding what Jacob had achieved, the technology was stolen and misused, accidentally releasing a demonic and destructive force called "Luzige."  Now Jacob must come to terms with what he's become, and use the technology to stop Luzige before it's too late.

Seventh Journey Book I, revolves around Jacob's initial Astral Projections, and Lucid Dreams.  It also introduces the antagonist, Edward Aidan, a ruthless leader within the Netex Corporation, who financed all of Jacob's research.  Aidan also uses the Auditum technology Jacob invented, and has several vivid astral experiences of his own, although much more negative in nature.

Book I has received great feedback from readers, and critics alike, winning an Editor's choice award from iUniverse, a subsidiary of Penguin books.  Seventh Journey was also featured in a Readers Choice feature for Science Fiction and Fantasy novels.

Book II focuses on a different timeline, based on the same characters and events which unfolded for Jacob Cross in Book I.  Book II moves forward into the future, and explores a dimension already ravaged by Luzige.  This is where the series really focuses on exploring several aspects of Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Energy work, and other psychic phenomenon.  Here Jacob's journey comes to a critical point in the story, forcing him deeper into the Astral dimension.

If you're interested in Astral Projection, and the vivid experiences and concepts which have been brought back, then you might be interested in picking up a copy.


Robert JR Graham

Author of "Seventh Journey"

Seventh Journey Book I has been featured in...

Robert J. R. Graham and iUniverse launch the Seventh Journey

A New Science Fiction / Fantasy Novel That Delves Into “ Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming

Toronto, ON – Seventh Journey is a thrill-seeking adventure that will leave you questioning what you really know and believe about the reality we find ourselves consumed with. In the series’ first self-titled book, Graham weaves a fantasy story line that illustrates the power of self-realization.

In Seventh Journey readers meet Jacob Cross, a staff scientist at Netex, an advanced research firm with more than one secret agenda. Using a sound wave technology called “Auditum,” the nefarious research firm develops a mind-altering headset with the power to control minds and even hurl users into a different dimension.

Cross had been deeply involved in developing the headset and was lead to believe the technology would serve various medical applications. Now terrified that his invention will be used to enslave millions, Jacob sends himself through the dimensional portal. But will he be able to stop the firm’s devious plan?

Recipient of the coveted Editor’s Choice and Rising Star Awards on behalf of Publisher iUniverse. Seventh Journey is an amalgamation of Graham’s many interests. “I was inspired by a ferocious curiosity and yearning to answer life’s big questions,” he says.  Many of the concepts and principles I’ve researched are within the Seventh Journey series.”

About the Author

Robert J. R. Graham has spent the last twenty years indulging his curiosity about quantum physics, Eastern mysticism, Western psychology, ancient philosophies, martial arts, and more. He is a freelance writer focusing on self-development, personal mastery, and science fiction since 1990.

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Seventh Journey picks up with James, a man in his 30's who's lost all memory of his past, and has no idea how he ended up in the Arctic.  Through lucid dreaming, he is able to discover how he arrived there, and what he is supposed to do.

Meet the Author

Robert JR Graham

Robert J.R. Graham, author of The Seventh Journey series is a freelance writer focusing on science fiction and fantasy. Robert has written science fiction and fantasy stories since 1990.   Buy Seventh Journey Book 1 best self development booksRobert’s thought provoking beliefs and understandings come from over 20 years of research into various topics, combining the best of these theories into a well-balanced and intriguing perspective.

A fan of technology, lucid dreaming, and comic books, Robert has woven his vivid dreams, and imagination into a fast paced fiction series called The Seventh Journey.