After a session with the “Auditum” headset earlier in the day I was extremely tired, so when Anna suggested we get to bed early, I was happy to agree. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was gone…

I sat in a small library with pillows scattered about. I sat there with stacks of books all around me, and to my left I could see a large bookcase with hundreds of books carefully placed within each shelf. The bookshelf was an old cherry wood colour, weathered, but well-kept. You could tell it had withstood the test of time, as it still managed to carry the weight of at least three-hundred books.

 The room was full of other bookshelves just like it. The library was carpeted and comfortable, although I sat upon a large satin pillow. I felt like myself, yet somehow unable to determine where I was or how I got there. I looked behind me to see rows of other bookshelves, aligned perfectly against the walls.

            As I turned back toward the front of the room, I noticed a gentleman who looked, perhaps, in his forties, sitting directly across from me. A small stack of books was positioned between us. The man had well-kept, short blond hair, and seemed very docile and peaceful. He smiled at me. Then he spoke to me.

            “Ask your question.”

            “Where are we?”

            “We are in my sanctuary, away from the troubles of the lower realms. It is here I study and learn of the various paths.”

            He looked like a wise, and very strong and sturdy monk. He wore a brown robe of some sort, tied with a single black rope. He projected an aura of brilliant golden light, which radiated from his core.

            “Who are you?”

            “I simply am.” 

He began to glow and radiate a warmth and luminous ray of light in all directions. He smiled and looked at me.


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     “What are these books?”  I pointed to the books that lay between us.

            “Pick them up. They are of the battles between Lukman and Luzige.”

            I grabbed the first one and admired the gold-trimmed cover, and the graphic on the front, of a familiar woman. I opened the book and tried to read the text. However, it was smudged and out of focus. I picked up another, which looked similar to the first, and I tried to read the text within it. I could not. I looked through the entire stack, and each book contained text that was smudged and out of focus.

            “Why can’t I read the words in these books?” I wanted to read the story, but the words were not legible at all.  The monk paused, and looked at me with curiosity.  

            “…Because you haven’t written them yet.”

            I was shocked, and immediately stood up and disappeared from his sanctuary. I felt I had to tell someone, so I went to find Anna. Suddenly I was in a grassy field, with a deep blue sky above me, and there she was, laying on a towel, sunbathing. People were playing golf in-front of us for some reason… I ran over to her and immediately told her what happened. She looked at me curiously.

            “If he’s telling you something that important, then go back there!” 

I realized she was right and tried to find the monk… I tried to get back there but I couldn’t.

I woke up the next morning. Anna turned over to look at me, smiling.

“You know, I had a dream that I was laying down in some park and enjoying the sun, and then you came running over to me… and you told me you were going to write some books. It was really strange.”

She remembered. I didn’t tell her what happened to me, or even that I had the exact same dream. I only told her that I loved her…

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