by: Robert J. R. Graham

Book Signing Update

Seventh Journey‘s first book signing was a great success.  Special thanks to the staff at Indigo Books at Bay & Bloor, Toronto.  The next book signing is currently being worked out via my publisher and Indigo, but I’d love to come back to the Bay & Bloor location as it’s certainly my favourite store.  I was very fortunate to be working with such helpful and supportive people throughout the experience, and was pleasantly surprised at the turnout.  Family and friends were present and much appreciated.  Thanks everyone!

Media Coverage

Coverage thus far has been pretty good, I’ve had an interview with a few different magazines, websites, and even Toginet radio.  Details of my appearances can be found in my ‘Press Room.’  The official trailer for Seventh Journey & cast list is now on IMDB, my author page, and has received modest attention on youtube.  The rest of the summer should hold some interviews from a few radio stations in the U.S., the next one scheduled for July 16th.  I’ll post additional details for listeners once it’s available on Seventh Journey’s website.  Right now nearly 50 news outlets have requested copies of Seventh Journey, with interviews to be set-up in the coming months.  I’d like to thank my publicists – Karen & Krystin for all their help.

Availability: On line & In-store

Featured on the Barnes & Nobles and iUniverse Book stores, Seventh Journey is available through all major online retailers, namely Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, Ebay, Googlebooks, and Indigo Book stores.  Also in select stores in Toronto, and across the U.S..  Currently only World’s Biggest Bookstore, Bay/Bloor Indigo, and certain Book City locations across Toronto are selling copies of the paperback.  To help with more coverage, ask your local store to stock some copies and help me sell out!

Book 2 Updates

Right now, the first third of the book is written, meaning chapters 1 – 7.  I’m currently near the rising action of the story arch, building up to a very fun action sequence that I’m looking forward to writing.  I’m hovering around 30,000 words and targeting approximately 2500 words per week, with a first draft ready near December.  I’ve had several questions about Book 2 and when it’s going to be available, so I thought I’d share that.  The editing process may take a few months at a minimum, so I’m looking at a potential publication date of Summer 2013 for book 2.  Stay tuned for teaser content coming soon…

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