Seventh Journey day 4 is a wrap!  We went a couple of hours overtime, but we ended up capturing all planned shots for the day.  With a few last minute improvisations we managed to grab some fantastic footage.  Everything worked in our favour today, and we’re all thankful for that.  With day 4 completed this means we’ve filmed all planned shots for The Seventh Journey Book 1 Trailer. Special thanks to Jack and Dawn for a great performance.  Dawn was cast perfectly as Inspector Nancy Moretti.

Now much of the remaining work will be done in post, and with Special Effects Supervisor Brendan W. Blair at the helm we’re in good hands.  Video and sound editing also remains, along with titling and audio track mastering.  There’s still a great deal of work left before we see the final cut, but now that the footage is in the hands of the production company we’ll be seeing a quality product in no time.

The trailer release will line up with general availability of Seventh Journey Book 1 as it hits most distribution channels.  Don’t forget to grab the ebook, and look for the Seventh Journey in Reader’s Digest in the next month or two!  Further production stills will be posted as we progress towards completion, but for now… enjoy Dawn and Kevin with director William Lucas on set.

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