This Sunday marks the fourth day of filming for the Seventh Journey.  The process has been without a doubt the most exciting experience I’ve ever had.  I am extremely fortunate to have such a talented group of people involved in creating this, as it’s sent the production value through the roof!  Although it may be challenging, we are all excited for the weekend and just like previous shoots, we’ll enjoy every minute of it.

On our upcoming and most ambitious shoot, we have the entire cast of characters involved.  Kevin Kondo, Tamara N., Jack & Dawn Garabedian, Christopher Chen, and Robert Graham.  Also on set will be Director William Lucas, VFX Supervisor Brendan Blair, and Key Grip Austin Carreiro.  Planned shots include our last special effect scenes, and a series of content driven shots.  It’s a very tight schedule, and even though this might stretch all of us beyond our limits, we’re determined to see it through.  Follow Robert and William on Twitter for the play by play!

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