Now that we’ve shot the principle footage for the battle scene, what remains is post production editing and compositing work.  As our crew works diligently to render the video, planning also begins for the next shoot day.  There are nearly 10 scenes remaining, which may take place over two final shoot days sometime in February. so we’re getting close to completion.  Even though I’m excited to see the end result, I’m also enjoying the process and will surely miss it when it’s over.

The days and weeks to come will involve heavy planning, securing locations, prop creation, and scheduling of the cast and crew.  There’s a great deal to be done yet, but having achieved this latest milestone we’re all very excited to shoot the remaining scenes of the trailer.  The remaining scenes are more story driven, but we’ve still got a few tricks up our sleeves with some cool special effects on the way.

Seventh Journey Book I Trailer – Directed by William Lucas, Visual Effects Supervision by Brendan Blair – An EntertainmentArts Production.

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