Another great day of filming, and a great set of footage in the can. We’re happy with what we’ve accomplished, as we’ve each put our best into producing a high quality film trailer for Seventh Journey Book 1.  Things flowed really well from shot to shot, sets and locations worked out great and even mother nature came through with some fantastic lighting conditions.  It’s hard to believe we filmed two special effects shots, several running scenes, a “shock scene” and more… all in only 4 hours of well planned and executed shooting.

We’re all enjoying the process of creating this trailer, and I’m amazed to see everyone at their best each time we come out. Kevin Kondo performed brilliantly during the “shock” scenes and also reading the ancient Arabe‘en parchment.  The scenes we filmed today are very content driven and piece the entire trailer together.

Without these, it may have been hard for viewers to connect the dots so to speak… that’s how critical these shots are to the project.

The Seventh Journey Hollywood trailer is an EntertainmentArts production, filmed by William Lucas, Special Effects Supervision by Brendan W. Blair, Martial Arts choreographed by Chris Chen of the  The Seventh Journey trailer is based on a story by Robert J. R. Graham.

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