Yesterday’s filming was absolutely the most stressful, exciting, and exhausting day of my life.  It was also the coolest thing I’ve ever been apart of, and I’m thankful to everyone who helped pull this together.  Everyone did an amazing job, under incredible strain and we pulled it off.

Direction by William Lucas was inspiring.  I don’t know how many directors would take a blow and get flipped by a trained martial artist, just to help another cast member pull off a realistic on-camera performance.  That is a level of commitment that is simply a result of absolute passion for the craft, and a desire to communicate authenticity.

Brendan Blair, our Visual Effects Supervisor achieved new levels of brilliance as he planned an incredibly complex visual effect accounting for every detail. Not only did he plan and execute a mindblowing visual effect using an advanced motion control technology called “Cammotion” he solved a last minute technical problem effectively saving the entire day’s footage.  Well done sir, your skill and knowledge have raised the bar in my opinion.

Christopher Chen, a brilliant martial artist delivered an astounding performance during a 15 hour shoot while sick with the flu.  His well disciplined skills amazed a watching audience as he effortlessly dispatched a security guard.  Chris was frequently resting and sleeping due to a harsh cough which clearly was taking its toll on him.  My appreciation and gratitude for him can only be matched by my undying respect.  He is a dear friend, and a consummate professional.  Thank you for being apart of this.

And last but not least, thank you to Austin Carriero, my nephew and good friend who helped in many ways the entire night.  We were all extremely tired by our 5am set tear down and a grueling day of intense action, but Austin seems to have an inexhaustible well of energy and spirit from which he draws his strength.  I am extremely proud of him, and I’m thankful that he’s such apart of my life.

A final thank you goes to the helpful and extremely accommodating building security staff who made our lives so much easier with their generosity and enthusiasm.  Without their help, several key scenes wouldn’t have come out as well as they had due to lighting issues and other problems, so again thank you for helping to make this all possible.

Last night was a miracle on many levels.  Not only did I see my dreams come alive at last, as the theme music to the Seventh Journey filled the massive atrium of the Bell Trinity Square building location, but I was apart of something much bigger than I ever imagined possible.  The energy in the air kept us awake, take after take as we strained for perfection.  I have reached levels of happiness within myself that I never believed possible, to the point of shouting out how happy I am that it’s finally here.  My story is taking form, and reaching people.

All of this experience has taught me that anything is possible.  Reaching your goal is as easy as devoting your entire heart and soul to the process, and never give up.  I hope by me sharing this experience, you will be inspired to do the same.  Thank you for reading, please check out the Seventh Journey Book 1, in stores February 2012, and don’t forget to check out our action packed trailer as well!

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