Simple Data Concerning Self Publishing

By George Hutton

 If you’ve written a book, then congratulations. Plenty of people want to write a novel, even start to write a novel, and go so far as to tell all their friends they are writing a novel, but few ever complete it. The next step of course, is to get it published. This usually means finding an agent, who will shop it around to various publishers. However, if you’ve been trying for a while, and still no luck, then you might be considering going with a self publisher. If that’s the case, then this article is for you. You’ll learn the basics of self publishing, so you know exactly what you are getting into.

There are plenty of differences between a self publisher and a traditional publisher. Generally speaking, with a self publishing company, you’re pretty much responsible for everything. With the bigger, more traditional publishers, they take care of most of the heavy lifting.

One thing you should think about is marketing. Without solid marketing, nobody will even know about your book. With a traditional publisher, they take care of all of that. With a self publishing company, you’ve got to do all of it on your own. Which means selling it online, or calling every bookstore yourself and seeing if they’ll stock your book.

Another option for marketing that many self publishing companies will offer is to take your book to various book shows. This is where book distributors look around for recently published books. If they see yours, and like it, they might pick it up and carry it in their stores. This is generally fairly expensive, as you will be paying everything up front yourself.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you go through a self publisher, your book will be print on demand. This means that your book will only be printed if somebody places an order for it, either a bookstore, or customer ordering it online. This will make the cost a few dollars higher. When traditional publishing companies print books, they print thousands at a time, making it much cheaper. So your customers will have to pay a couple extra dollars for your book.

Some of the benefits of self publishing your book is that you get a higher percentage of each sale, and you get much more control of the manuscript itself, as well as the cover design. As the author, you will generally have to approve every change that is made to either one of these. And of course, for many authors, self publishing is the first step in a lucrative career as a novelist, as many others have found.

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