By Hugh Russell

Keeping life simple, many philosophers say, is one of the keys to happiness. But done the ‘right’ way, simplicity can be good for more than just food for philosophical thought. When you integrate simplicity into your spiritual growth activities, you do more than just remove the clutter from your life. This spiritual practice could help clear the path that you have to take to reach your spiritual goals.

The Clutter Curse

Nowadays, one problem that people commonly face is a life that’s too complicated, full of too many concerns and details. And while there’s nothing wrong with this per-se, it tends to get in the way of your achieving a deeper communion with God. With so many other things to fuss over, it’s so easy to lose your focus on what’s really important.


Your spiritual life coach might suggest a practice of simplicity to solve just that. When used as a spiritual practice, simplicity gives you the chance to think about what’s real and important, and then to put your mind and heart back on those. A simpler and less complicated life gives you more time and energy to spend with your friends, your family and – most importantly – God.

Change from Chaos

One thing you have to know about simplicity is that it isn’t some one-time activity; it’s a habit, a way of living that you adopt for the course of your spiritual life coaching and maybe even beyond. You have to be able to incorporate simplicity into your life from the very start and keep on living it all the way to the end. It’s not something that you just pick up and then drop when you get tired of it.

For some people, living the ideals of simplicity might require some major changes, especially if you live the kind of hectic lifestyle that’s typical in urban areas. All those changes, however, are worth it when you consider that you get new views on life, faith, God – all of it – with a less cluttered view.

Keep It Simple, Silly

A complicated, troublesome lifestyle distracts you from signs and messages that might just be the things you need to hear to deepen your relationship with your God. Living a simple, fuss-free life gives you more opportunities to view all the ways through which God works. His ways, they say, tend to be mysterious, but they’re often very simple.

What you have to realize is that His works are all around you – you just have to slow down enough to be able to see all of them properly. A simple enough lifestyle can be a very effective (not to mention cost-free) tool for spiritual life coaching because it’s conducive for that new view of spirituality that coaching aims to give.

Inquire with your spiritual life coach about what other measures you could take to simplify and de-clutter your life. Sometimes all it takes to revive flagging faith is to slow down and smell the roses. After all, they were God’s work too.

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