Choose To Be Present
– Sirian High Command

Choose to be present. That is the thought for the moment. When you are fully present that is when you are capable of standing in your full grace and power. You are unique creatures on Earth, created from the genetic stock of the universe. Whilst you may find connections to other lifetimes, it is important to associate the wisdom gained through those experiences to the present.

As is often said by the Pleiadians, the beauty of the third dimension is that you experience the illusion of one timeline of a single lifetime. You focus your energy so intently on this life, why would you wish to linger elsewhere? Ah yes, we hear you saying, “But I want to ascend. I want to gain multidimensional perspective!” And so you will, dear ones, in time. But today, in this moment, you are in human form wanting, wishing, desiring and creating that experience. So relish it to its fullest whilst you can.

Do not misinterpret what we say. You are changing and growing and we wish to support you in that growth. But no lifetime is more important than the one you are focused on and projected into now.


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