The Process of Spiritual Development
by: Keith McGregor

There are basic steps the average beginner needs to be aware of when starting their journey on their spiritual development awakening.

We use the process of guided meditation exercises to help us with most of the psychic growth. If we can read and understand these processes of psychic growth we can then progress with much more speed. Knowledge is power. A very good process of understanding psychic development is called PREVAILE.



Protecting yourself before and during a guided meditation is essential. If your intention is for the highest of good, then you are pulling positive energy towards you and, as like attracts like, you will only receive positive communication. Your intention is your protection.


As you increase your energy vibrations, you need to keep the balance of “what comes in must go out”. Rooting yourself consciously allows your body to expel any excess or old energy through your feet, thus keeping yourself balanced.


Spirit are on a higher energy vibration so we need to raise our energy levels to increase our ability to communicate with them during meditation exercises. The method used to increase our vibration is to open and close our chakras (Energy centres). With practice this linking to the higher energy becomes more natural.


During a guided meditation, you visualise within your mind. This is to improve your ability to accept what you get from spirit. When spirit communicates with you, their usual first step is to put visual pictures directly into your mind. We practice this through guided visual meditations.


The next step in development is to accept any visualisation that comes into your mind, even if you do not know where it came from. Accepting that it came from spirit is the only path you must take. Do not think it is your own imagination. Accept what you get!


Your intention for the highest of good is everything. Whether you seek inner peace or wish to share your gift with others, your intention is your guide. Your intention will draw to you that which you desire as long as it is for the highest of good.


Each individual person has a unique way of communicating with spirit. Meditations enable you to develop your own language with spirit using your own spiritual abilities.


Once you have become “au fait” with your spirit language and your abilities then, over time, you will find the inner peace and enlightenment you seek. You will have the confidence to accept all that you receive and understand the reasons why your life is as it is, feeling you are at one with the universe.


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