By Jose Bulao

Spiritual guidance is no longer a luxury for ordinary people like you and me. It is no longer just for monks and religious people who intend to live a more intense spiritual life. Spiritual guidance has become a necessity for people whose basic concern is just to live and earn a living. For spiritual hunger activates even those who just want to live simple lives. Perhaps this is because they are living at a time of spiritual awakening that has come upon us, even if they are not fully aware of this.

We realize now that this guidance of the Spirit, for that is basically what spiritual guidance is, is a necessity in our day to day ordinary normal life. We need this guidance to get our food, clothing, shelter, education, health, and more, even the better things in life.


Before our era almost all human beings thought that the basic things in life like food, clothing and shelter, can be ours by our own effort, by working for them, and by acquiring them in one way or another. But now more and more people are becoming aware that these things, material as they are, have their source in the Spirit who brought everything into existence. This is the reason why those who teach people how to get rich always emphasize constant gratitude to the Spirit as the starting point of every acquisition of real and lasting wealth.

We see so many people, countless in fact, who work from dawn to dusk, break their backs in never-ending toil, but have less in life than others who seem to just relax and play with their hobbies. Most of them do not even have the basic necessities in life, like enough and nutritious food.

On the other hand, we see a few who have more than enough of this world’s goods and yet do not exert as much as one fourth of the effort of those who break their health in working but have not enough. The difference then is not in the amount of work. Working much does not necessarily produce much.

The difference is in the pattern of their lives. Those who have sufficiency and more are guided by a Spirit higher than themselves who can enable them to produce more with less effort. Those who have not-even the basic sufficiency-rely on their own guidance and effort.

Look at the successful people, even in showbiz. When they are asked to comment about their wealth, they always refer to a higher power who gave them their luck. On the other hand, those who live in misery are also contented that such is what fate gave them. In other words, both of them acknowledge the source of their fortune or misery is from outside of themselves.

If such is the case, why don’t people get guidance from the Spirit on how to conduct their lives for the better? It is because they are not fully convinced that there is this guidance and that they can avail of this.

Hence people have to be reminded that there is such a spiritual guidance available, a guidance from the Spirit who can guide them into better days, into times of sufficiency, even of abundance, of less stress and of greater enjoyment of the fruits of their labor.

Indeed spiritual guidance is life’s roadmap to better days. Get it from him who created all and who loves you so much as to give you everything for your enjoyment.

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