By Eleanor Ross

Spiritual life coaching is one of the ways to reach out and begin to manifest our desires in whatever area we wish. Unlike conventional life coaching spiritual life coaches focus on the inner elements before beginning to guide a client to success. The fundamentals of spiritual coaching is creating and tapping into the energy of what it is we desire. An example is having a desire to create a business which is fun, rewarding, prosperous and exciting. The first thing I would check in on is a client’s beliefs around this. If the beliefs are conflicting with having a successful business then I would help a client look at them and begin to change them slowly until they are in alignment with the vision of their business.


As a spiritual life coach I would then help my client to look at their energy system. Where does their energy go? Where is it focused and where are their energy drains. A big problem clients tell me is the feeling of overwhelm when in business, particularly as a solo entrepreneur as it can feel there is so much to do and so little time. In this case I would help them identify what tasks will bring the greatest return on energy as so much of the inner workings of success is keeping our vibration high and aligned with our desires. Many times clients will tell me that when they feel overwhelmed they procrastinate however it can be that the procrastination is the result of our inner guidance telling us that it is not in alignment right now or too much of an energy drain right now.

Another tool I offer clients as a spiritual life coach is developing intuition and confidently following it. We have a vast storehouse of wisdom and information within us just waiting to be discovered and employed. When we follow our intuition we no longer feel stuck, blocked and confused. It is something that can be cultivated and developed on the road to success and will be an invaluable tool that will never let you down.

Spiritual life coaching is perfect for people who want to work their own energy and the energies of the universe to create everything they want.

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