By Jason Lincoln Jeffers

Sometimes you’ll meet people and you’ll see the pain-body looking at you through their eyes. These people will be hosting pain parasites that are impatiently waiting for an excuse–any excuse–to provoke a conflict so that they can feed on more pain. They are ready and waiting to begin pushing all your buttons and so the conversation may begin with them probing for information about you so that they can use it to their advantage. Or they’ll simply bring up a topic such as religion or politics so that they can be on the opposite side of the argument. The pain-body instinctively knows that the more controversial the topic, the better chance they have of extracting a painful reaction from you.


People possessed by pain parasites want you to be angry with them; they want to provoke an attack from you. Their motto is, “Bring it on.” These are people who are completely consumed by the pain parasite. They are consistently looking for trouble, looking for a fight, and they are the type that loves to demean you in front of others. If they can somehow humiliate you, they know that there’s a good chance that your pain will swell. And if your pain swells, that’s food for the parasite to devour. You won’t have to say anything–although it would be better for the pain-body if you did. But many times, just the energy of your emotional reaction alone will be tangible enough to sustain it.

With some pain-body hosts there exists what I call PMS or “Poor Me Syndrome” which is simply a self-demeaning mental construct that people with heavy pain parasites feed on. When the pain-body becomes active, this mental pattern will become amplified and the thoughts in the head will be something like, “My life is insubstantial, substandard, and inconsequential compared to everyone I know and therefore I have wasted my life and am essentially worthless.”

The Poor Me Syndrome is fuel for the pain parasite to sustain itself indefinitely. Many will go through their entire lives playing the role of the victim because it brings to them what their pain parasite wants the most; pain and suffering. Some will act it out by attracting to them chronic illnesses which they will talk about to others–a lot. As soon as you meet these people–and they know they have your complete attention–they will begin dumping all their “poor me” problems on you, hoping to sap some of your sympathetic energy in the process. They want you to feel sorry for them–and they want you to feel their pain. In a sense, they are psychic vampires.

People who you see mentally unravel or dive head first into a downward spiral of self pity either through addiction or depression will have no doubt surrounded themselves with other people who have themselves become parasitical in nature, and are consistently reinforcing their “I am a failure at life” mantra that repeats itself, over and over, in their heads. This is the law of attraction at work.

A Spiritual Life Coach who is an expert on the pain-body can help you to become more cognizant of your pain and work toward transcending it. Spiritual Life Coaching can provide you with all the tools you’ll need to begin healing your pain parasite and begin a life of peace, joy, and tranquility.

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