Subliminal programming for mind improvement and affirmations for the same have become commonplace today and the market is glutted with products that claim to do the trick. Even the most reputable subliminal supply companies often incorrectly word subliminal programs. The problem isn’t the entire program, but usually it is one or two lines that will be said that are incorrect, causing it to not work as intended.

Recently it was suggested to me, by Outrageous Mastery author Sasha Xarrian, to look at some subliminals as an excellent way to train the brain quickly and effectively. Having used subliminals in the past and also having written affirmations for years, I took her up on her suggestion and looked at this particular site. I then went on to also cross-reference and compare with other subliminal sites selling mp3 versions of subliminals.


Although Sasha’s recommendation was of a good source, some other sites showed blaring flaws in their programs that would actually sabotage the listener’s success in that particular area. For instance, this appeared as a line in a subliminal program about changing beliefs about money:

“I take advantage of any opportunity to make money.”

The unsuspecting user would think that this was an excellent way to affirm that they wanted to seize every opportunity that comes their way, yet unknowingly they could sabotage their success by using this subliminal affirmation.

Some of you may be asking “Why?” or “How?” at this point. The fatal flaw in this affirmation is that it is too broad a statement to consistently be successful. By using “any” in reference to opportunities, this could mean both good and bad opportunities that might not pan out in favor of this person or other people as a result. A well-meaning person who wants to make legitimate money could wind up making money by “any” and all means, even unscrupulous ones. This is not a testament to the character of the person, or lack thereof, but to the system of using ambiguous subliminal affirmations as a catch-all for every person who might use them.

Determining when to be broad and when to add more detail, while leaving out enough detail so as to not limit yourself, is absolutely the key to writing or using subliminals and affirmations that work well. To get the results you want, it will take time to examine what is potentially wrong with the detail or lack of detail in each affirmation.

Let’s go back to the earlier example and rewrite this subliminal affirmation so that it can work more correctly, as intended.


abc8“I take advantage of any opportunities to make money that are profitable, right and correct for me.”

Certainly we can examine this further and say that we could eliminate the word “profitable” if we wanted to since implying that money will be made by utilizing these opportunities already takes care of that, however, reinforcement is a good idea. Also, you can still argue that what is “right and correct for me” could predispose someone to prejudge situations and deem them as incorrect. Using affirmations takes into account that your subconscious mind understands much more than the conscious mind in processing information. in this instance, the subconscious (or Infinite Mind) will understand what is best and attract more of those opportunities to the user.

You could approach the affirmation from a slight esoteric, even spiritual, context by changing it to:

“I take advantage of any opportunities to make money that are for my and everyone’s greatest good.”

The change to the affirmation now has an almost philanthropic attitude involved where the opportunities will yield money for both you and everyone involved, or this can even mean something as broad as everyone alive. Either way, people being profitable worldwide is a good thing so to seed your subliminal affirmations this way is even more beneficial. Again, you must examine the wording over and over again to be sure you have not added too much detail or have limited yourself. An example of this might be:

“I take advantage of any real estate opportunities to make money.”

This can sound very benign at first and might seem good if your job revolves around real estate or you flip properties for profit. However, in this affirmation you have limited yourself to only seeing and seizing any opportunity that comes your way in real estate. All other avenues have been closed. Certainly you could add many more affirmations that include many more ‘types’ of ways to make money, but even choosing ten more ways to make money still completely limits yourself to all the infinite and unknown possibilities that could come your way.

The last thing to examine is the tense to use, as in past, present and future. if you write all your affirmations as future commands they will forever be stuck in an unreachable future that you never get to experience, so avoid this pitfall. Don’t use tomorrow, soon, will, etc. denoting a future event.

Unlike some who say that affirmation all have to be present tense, I disagree in that you can write them as past tense if, and only if, it does not cause you to disagree with the affirmation. If you find that as you read it or listen to it that it just leaves you saying, “I don’t agree with or believe that”, then write yours in the present tense. Just know that you can write them in the past tense and it is as if it already came into your life.

They key to getting subliminal affirmations to work is writing in a way that:

  • includes details that expand possibilities to be infinite
  • eliminates details that limit you or the results in any way
  • is non-judgement of yourself or others
  • use present tense or past tense verbiage, never future tense.

Hopefully by utilizing these tips and more closely analyzing subliminals that you are considering using, it will yield better results. Before writing your own affirmations to use, be sure to examine the same things and rewrite them as many times as needed. Doing so will ensure that subliminal affirmation work consistently for you in both listening and written format.

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