It is with mixed emotions that I am announcing that the Lulu Press edition of my novel “The 7th Journey” is no longer available for purchase.  For those who have a copy of this edition, you posses a milestone in my development as a writer.  It signifies my choice that there is another way to achieve your goals, if you are open to them.

By getting clear, and understanding what success truly meant to me, I was able focus and move to the next stage of my evolution.  At one point in this process, my beliefs were rigid and I was stubborn.  I believed that success only came with certain packaging, could only come about in a certain way, but I was wrong.  Since then, by remaining open, and getting clear about my goals I was able to move beyond those perspectives, and redefine myself in the process.

Like graduating from high school, or college, there comes an appreciation for all that occurred to bring you to this point.  You know you cannot stay in that reality, have those experiences… and so you cherish them instead.  You bless those moments that defined you, those moments of friendship and love… and then let it all go.  And so it is that I’m saying goodbye to “The 7th Journey” from Lulu Press.  Thank you for being that stepping stone.


Coming Soon….


The release of my award winning debut novel.  A description, cover images, and artwork will be released upon launch.  Book signing dates and locations will be made available in the months to come.  Thank you.

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