The Pleiadian Agenda

Barbara Hand Clow channels Satya of Alcyone, a Pleidian identified with the Goddess. Satya is the keeper of the library on Alcyone, the central star of the Pleiades.

“I am here to help you decode the central intelligence of your planet, to prepare you for the Cosmic Party that begins on winter solstice, December 21, 2012.”

(page 3)

“And as you enter the Photon Band with Maya, an alliance has been forming between the Pleidians and the Sirians, and this alliance is creating all kinds of new possibilities. From 1992 through 1994, my vehicle (Barbara) worked on this alliance in Egypt. … The Sirians are assisting the Pleiadians to help you find ways to tear down the Net that is enveloping your planet. The first stage occurred when Wendy and Barbara worked with the spirit crocodiles of Kom Ombo, Egypt.

You so easily judge these magnificent beings, calling them nasty lizards, yet you fail to look at your own slimy, carnivorous selves.


(page 7, emphasis mine)


The Creator first experimented with biological creativity on Earth, which is the physical location with the potential to simultaneously hold nine dimensions in its intelligence. Gaia is the intelligence of Earth, and she is a much more powerful being than you imagine. Notice where the Party is being held. You are about to find out the purpose of Gaia’s magnificent and unlimited creative powers, since she has been chosen as head scientist of the biological laboratory of the Milky Way Galaxy.


As I said, anything can be created in a laboratory, but Gaia decides whether any creation belongs in her field. If she does not choose it, she will cleanse it from her surface. That’s why she blew up the Atlantean laboratory. As you are entering the Photon Band again, Earth will become multidimensional, and her biosphere will be the source for determining which life-forms will be disseminated throughout the Galaxy. The qualities of this dissemination will be based on what remains in the biosphere once you have become enlightened. This will be a time when it will not be possible to be partially alive in your bodies.

Those who do not remain will go out of body because they have not quickened to the Light. The “Night of the Living Dead” is over, and you can’t keep on walking around half alive. Since your genes are the structure of life itself, only enlightened geneticists will be able to work with DNA. This going out of form will simply be ecstatic immersion in Gaia, a great cosmic orgasm in your realm. We are here as teachers of desire to help you decide what you want to create to become multi-dimensional. You will cease holding your energy in limiting forms.
( page 18 )

It was necessary for many experiments to be conducted on Earth, by yourselves as well as intelligences of many dimensions, in order to comprehend the galactic laws of biology. Some of you will read these words and say that we dare to discuss the limitations of the Creator. I will answer you for now by asking you a question. Since you judge each other and believe that evil exists in your realm, are you not also contemplating limitations in the Creator? Since 8800 B.C., as you travelled in the Galactic Night, you have been allowed to search for ways to have no limitations on yourselves.

Your only charge during this cycle was to go as far as you wanted in order to see that freedom has boundaries, just as all things in 3D have boundaries. The Pleiadians hope that you have gone far enough to realize you are ready to learn how to create harmonically in your own reality. If you are not, there will not be anything. Can you imagine cosmic silence and no movement? We cannot either. And so your killing tendencies cannot be released into the Galaxy to cause annihilation.

We Pleiadians hope that you will want to continue once you realize the karma triggered in yourselves by higher-dimensional intelligences, who impulsed you constantly during the Galactic Night, must now be owned by each one of you. To reclaim your own domain, you will need to look at every action you have taken, as well as every time you became a victim and allowed yourself to be jerked around. You have to love and honor everything you have ever been or now are.

All actions in 3D belong to you, no matter who or what impulsed you to act. Not seeing and integrating your history holds the Net in place, and then you are caught in it. That is why I, Satya, must shake you up by exposing your deep shadows. We Pleiadians know you have already agreed, because we can see that many of you would rather merge with energies than experience Earth changes. Past Life Regression Therapy really works for you because uncovering and contemplating your past lies by means of your past lives enables you to see how these lies still operate in your now.

You must notice that in 3D you have two eyes, not two hearts, and in 4D, you have one eye and two hearts! In your dualized feeling bodies, you are the one that splits the laser beams creating the mesmerizing holograms, and so nobody is looking at life to see what is really going on in 3D. Does this blinding fascination with 4D images matter much? Well, few people are breathing with the plants in the garden, shape-shifting with the animals, and vibrating with the powers of Gaia in the rocks.


That is being, a function of the heart. The question goes back, correctly this time, to Berkeley and Hume: Will the plants, animals, and rocks cease to exist if no one is attuned with them? People, you’d better realize what happens to things in your reality when no one loves them.


Who are the Sirians?

They are magnificent feline gods from Sirius who built the Great Pyramid and Sphinx to hold open the geometric portals of the stars while your solar system is travelling in the Photon Band. They first built the Great Pyramid in 10,800 B.C., and then rebuilt it in 2450 B.C., casing it with white limestone and installing a Sirian seer staring out to Orion.

This seer has held your Sirian cellular memories in the Earth records until you activated the planetary telluric field during Harmonic Convergence, a time of worldwide meditation in August 1987. The awakening of planetary sacred sites relinked your planet with the Galactic Center. You have been traveling in the Galactic Night since 8800 B.C., and playing out duality as you always have. Now the seeds sown by the light activation that began in 2450 b.c.– when the Great Pyramid was realigned to Orion — are beginning to flower.

As you enter Aquarius, the women as daughters of Earth will be the first players on the stage as Pleiadian storytellers. This has already begun. We Pleiadians do not express ourselves via sexual gender, but we are the guardians of the Goddess and we have a very feminine vibration. As we speak of “woman,” we speak of Gaia in each one of you. Your male and female selves are both goddess and god, and as Earth has witnessed an overabundance of male energy, we Pleiadians are here to help all of you awaken the Goddess within.

During this most recent journey through the Galactic Night, you became highly self-reflective and your brains are getting very activated. You’ve developed yourselves magnificently so that you would be ready to challenge forces that control your reality at the Cosmic Party. We Pleiadians like to refer to these forces as the World Management Team, first named through channel Barbara Marciniak, and as far as I, Satya, can ascertain as I read your vibrations, these forces are directed on Earth by the Anunnaki, the Nephilim of the Bible, which means in Hebrew, “gods who came down to Earth.”

These Anunnaki/Nephilim are the ones who established the extensive and deeply ingrained management system– the Net–at Zero Point. (the exact moment between 1 B.C. and 1 A.D. ) For a gilded and engraved Party invitation, you still have time to challenge your inner belief systems about these great gods. Nobody with residual “God” poison gets an invitation to the Cosmic Party in 2012. To exorcise these lords, you must integrate the stellar intelligence of Gaia. Gaia does not resonate with superior and separated white male gods. She quakes, belches, and vomits in response to their oppression. (page 9)


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