Fear of Choice

Ramshi, 12th Dimensional Master Geneticist / Universal Architect

The fear of getting something wrong or making a wrong choice often keeps many of you from moving forward along your path towards greater joy and living the life you desire. This can be a powerful distraction, but one that you can shift.

The ability to alter your perception to that of a higher consciousness is one of the gifts given to humanity. Within your third dimensional body you can hold all states of consciousness, all the way up the dimensional scale, if you will, to that of Creator or Source. We hear you asking, “How is that possible if I am a third dimensional being?” It is so because you are, remember, a multidimensional being projecting itself into this game or illusion of a linear existence. To achieve this shift in consciousness and to cross the “dimensional barrier”, you need only center yourself in your heart. From this place you have the ability to access all levels of consciousness. You may think of it as using the help function while playing a computer game. Under help, you can access information on the objectives, shortcuts to achieving goals, and basic rules & constructs of the game. So it is in this third dimensional adventure you are projected into. The heart center is your all-access pass to assistance and information.

The level of consciousness that you choose to access from your state of heart-centeredness depends on the soul’s blueprint. Your guides often help you with this. Remember, you are holographic in nature. The records of a single event are stored in all dimensions as pure raw data. The recollection or the review of the data is processed through the filter or perception of the dimension from which it is accessed. If you are playing a game in which having Source’s perspective would “spoil” the illusion of the game, your higher self will choose, often after seeking the advice of your angelic guides, to access a lower perspective to preserve the game. Other times, you choose a higher frame of reference to shift the energy, moving you along in your third dimensional reality closer to your objective, whatever that may be.

The more frequently you access the higher records and hold these expanded states of consciousness in your third dimensional body, the more your body begins to reflect these vibrations. Remember, your body is created from an energetic template. As you alter the template, your body too must alter. This is what you call Ascension. The cells begin to vibrate at a higher rate, so much so that they cross over into a new dimension. This is how you will all generate your new form for the coming transition.

There are never any “wrong” choices, simply vibrational selections. You decide with every breath you take to remain where you are or shift and alter your location in the game you call Life. You are never trapped, and you can always make new selections to move you in new directions. In fact, we encourage it. Life gets rather dull and boring taking the same actions over and over again, especially when they are not uplifting or joy filled.

When you are paralyzed in fear and indecision, we say to you make a choice, any choice, to move you forward and get the energy flowing. Indecision is one of the fastest and surest ways to stop the flow of energy. Energy flows perhaps not always in the way you expect or that brings you the greatest joy, but it opens the door to connecting once again with self. If you can recognize how you are feeling about what you are experiencing, you can fine tune your heading and make course corrections moving you closer to the desired result.

This is indeed a game, one you all enjoy playing very much. Try not to be so serious, ever struggling. Have fun! The goal of the game on this planet is to see how much joy you can create. How much are you manifesting? Dream big, live large. Even on the highway of life there are alternate routes filled with beautiful scenery. Enjoy the ride.


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