I have just finished reading the book by Joe Vitale, Attraction Factor.

I can stronglfvy recommend it to you. It is fascinating to read how we can attract wealth, prosperity and what ever we desire in our lives. The book was very easy written in sense of understanding, presenting and explaining techniques. Joe Vitale writes very personal. It is also nice to know that he done it himself. A self made man. It reminds me to pick the best and leave the rest. I love to read books that takes my breath way and this one does! It is so inspiring even though there is no news. But it needs to remind us every now and then. I like the idea of asking us about to help the world to lower the crimes, terror and raisin the wealth on the planet.

We have to meditate together. Do it for twenty minutes a day and we decrease the problems around us. It is a good training included in the twenty minutes mediation. Go for thirty days thinking about something you want to accomplish. Twenty minutes per day that is all. Make it as your own experiment. What do you have to loose? I have to give Joe compliments for being so honest in the book too. There has been so many times that I have gone through things in my life that I thought I better be quiet about. Now I know we do not have too. There are so many taboos and shame in our lives that is not necessary at all. We put our selves in to be more significant than we have too.

Joe Vitale also talks about some people he would like to approach but did not think he was “big” enough. Well, I have a confession. I would love to talk to you Mr Joe Vitale. I also have a dream to work closer to Tony Robbins. I have done his Master University and will attend his Leadership Mastery in December in Arizona. After I have done my Master University last year I wanted to become a coach and set a goal. Now I am coaching after a year. I have to tell you in another article how that happened. It is so funny how Universe works.
When I was attending the coaching school I realised that I wanted to teach coaching as well. Believe me or not but after I graduated I have got an offer to start teaching coaching at the same school I was studying. That is so cool.

It is so nice to read your book Mr Vitale and realize that dreams do come true.
You just have to stick to your dreams. Try to avoid the negative people that do not believe in you. Read good books every now and then .I sincerely recommends the book by Joe Vitale. It was a friend of mine that lend it to me. Now I have to order it myself. I, love to read it again and again and again…

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