The teenager who goes into the classroom unprepared will fail. Salespeople who go into the marketplace unprepared will also fail. The only difference is that in the classroom you get to repeat the class. In life, the circumstances may be a little more dramatic. I recall one of the little pieces of advice I got from my first sales manager back in 1965. He said, “Tim, the price of failure is higher than the price of success.” Why not spend some time contemplating this simple, yet profound, concept. Well anyway, let’s get back to this week’s sales tip. Preparation, knowledge, unde rrstanding, skills and attitudes all are vital if you are to succeed in this demanding, yet rewarding, profession of selling.

What I want to give you this week is a list of outstanding sales books for you to consider reading, devouring and making a permanent part of your personal library. Check your local bookstore or email me, and I will be happy to provide you with contact information as to where to get a particular book. Before I give you the list, I want to share a quote from a good friend, Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones. “You will be the same person in 5 years as you are today except for the books you read and the people you meet.”

· Soft Sell Tim Connor (If you are surprised

· Sales Mastery Tim Connor I listed my books first,

· The Ancient Scrolls Tim Connor you have brain damage.)

· No Bull Selling Hank Trisler

· Niche Selling Bill Brooks

· Telephone Tips That Sell Art Sobczak

· Spin Selling Neil Rachman

· Selling Leverage Bill Exton

· Consultative Selling Mark Hanan

· Non Manipulative Selling Tony Allesandraq

· The Haglers Handbook Goodman

· Earning What You Are Worth Dudley & Goodson

· The Greatest Salesman Og Mandino

· Price Wars Tom Winninger

There are many other fine books on sales in your local library or bookstore. I can’t list the hundreds of books on selling that have ever been published. But I believe, if you will read just the ones on this short list, you will be further ahead in your sales career than most of your peers who are too busy to read and improve themselves, or think they already know it all!! This list represents an investment of less than $200. Are you willing to spend $200. To make a fortune?

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