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Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person.Albert Einstein

Many words have been spoken or written regarding the process of a master.  Many definitions, many perspectives, and many stories have been debated over the years, over what exactly it means to be a “master.”  We have master musicians, master writers, masters of martial arts, and of course spiritual masters (or masters of life itself).  Regardless of the specific discipline, the master has specific conduct and behaviours which make them a master.  Here are some common characteristics of mastery:


Consistency:  Regardless of the discipline or subject matter, there is a great consistency in the conduct of a master.  There is deliberate repeatability, as the intended outcomes are always selected ahead of time, and executed with precision.  A true master will be able to repeat their skill, over and over, with the appearance of perfection.

Right Conduct:  The master behaves in such a way as to ensure he/she appears as the highest example of conduct in their field.  They give answers which do not leave room for doubt.  Their behaviour is consistent, fair, honest, and matter of fact.  They are able to describe the many aspects of their mastery, in great detail, as they themselves had to considers these things.  Their behaviour in public is disciplined, as they do not respond to annoying questions, implying doubt.  They will simply demonstrate what others cannot do, and without arrogance proceed to display what so many others have failed to achieve.  The doubting question is left with no power in the face of such a demonstration.  In terms of skills, people who have the abilities don’t need to boast.

Brightness & Joy – The master always exhibits brightness, love, and joy, as these are our truest and most pure aspects of who we are.  This is the truth of our soul, and thus the master only shows this example.  He/She does not subscribe to lower emotions or behaviours, as this shakes the foundation of their mastery.  They are not subject to melancholy, or disappointment as they rail against this behaviour, only turning towards their happiest and most positive thoughts, again modeling our true nature.

Work on What has been Spoiled: – Recognizing that all aspects of life are subject to decay over time, such as relationships, people, places, and things.  The master sees this, and works on what has been spoiled, ensuring that, with this proper behaviour, beauty and love can be restored.  This is their most important work, as much of the world has been spoiled through misconduct.

Act as if they are not separate: – A true master acts as if they are separate from nothing, and no one, thus healing their world.  This is the answer that has been sought for generations, but it’s so simple – no body gets it. They see every other person as their brother, sister, mother, grandmother, lover, or friend.  You cannot murder another with this perspective, you cannot steal, you cannot harm in any way if you truly believe this, as a master does.  Thus a master does no harm.  They seek specifically to see nothing, and no one as the enemy, as they realize the only enemy of man is fear, judgement, and expectation.  These cause the greatest misery, and rob us of our joy.  They cultivate the skill of seeing all problems as opportunities, and all challenges as a chance to get better.

And finally, in all respects, the master knows that expansion, love, and full self expression are the keys to life.  We cannot grow under a regime of fear, which naturally causes contraction, and separation.  Only through love, compassion, and acceptance of the individual uniqueness of all life, can we unify our understandings and beliefs.  Allowing room for all beliefs, building on the best of these concepts, and moving forward is the way to our highest evolution.  They would realize that all have the opportunity to demonstrate mastery in their chosen field, and help others achieve there own.

I believe we are all masters, and have the potential to achieve mastery in whatever means we choose.  As Albert Einstein once said “Everybody is a genius [master].  But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”

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