Chapter III: The Council of the Hellel

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Once the ultra terrestrials assembled in council, one them, the legendary Lucifer (also known as Lug or Luzbel) proposed that the problem was that too much information had been given to the civilizations of the Material Universe. He said that access to knowledge had been made possible for those civilizations in too short of a time.

The error was that they had been instructed according to the ways of thinking of these beings from the Mental Universe. They had been instructed in a “brainy” or “intellectual” kind of way and, because of this, no civilization had been able to finally reach the seventh dimension of consciousness.

The seventh vehicle we all possess is the Essence and, in order to be able to have contact with the Essence (i.e. the plane of spiritual consciousness), it would have to occur through a highly spiritual attitude. This was something that the beings from the Mental Universe had not been able to teach precisely because of their strong “mental” nature. In fact, what’s needed is quite the opposite. They have to learn this requisite from us because, in truth, there’s no one so wise that he/she doesn’t have something to learn and there’s no one so humble that he/she doesn’t have something to teach.

Having received knowledge and abundant information in a direct manner made some of the civilizations of the Material Universe (such as the Orions) very attached to the technological and philosophical progress obtained. This occurred to such an extent that if they, their guiding principles or their scientific achievements were perceived to be menaced, they could become aggressive or violent. Later on, this excessive zeal became a breeding ground that generated stellar confrontations or extraterrestrial cosmic battles.

The Project for Free Will

Based on what was referred to before and, once a project to create a new kind of humanity –one capable of reaching by its own merits what its older brothers weren’t able to – was on its way, the Council of the Hellel thought that it was time to place a group of entities from the Mental Universe in the role or function of dissociating entities for the needs of the Material Universe. This would make the access to information more difficult. These entities (also called “demons”) had these kind of functions and weren’t either good or bad. They would just hassle and make matters more complicated. The thinking was that, having to face more complications, material civilizations would exert a greater effort and this would reestablish the interrupted dynamics.

In spite of this, other beings from the Mental Universe opined that the “rules of the game” could not be changed once everything had been set in motion. This meant that free will would be applied to a “new kind of humanity” rather than to the older civilizations that were already in existence. For instance, let’s imagine, what would happen if, fifteen minutes before a game is over, the referee decides not to play with goalkeepers because the score is even. Also, what would happen if, one year before graduation, a student from a rigid and disciplined military academy is placed in a relaxed, undisciplined school…wouldn’t he probably fail?

If one is going to change the rules of the game and experiment with seeking new alternatives, one would have to do so with brand new civilizations or with civilizations that had not yet emerged. This was the suggestion from other beings of the Mental Universe. However, Lucifer wasn’t satisfied with this counterproposal because it meant that they would have to leave their old protégés (such as the Orions) aside. In other words, they would have to leave alone those beings that had been receiving their instructions. This situation would take place so as to give an opportunity to newcomers or to new civilizations. In a very short period time they would be able reach such high levels of evolution that they wouldn’t just match the levels already reached by their trainers, but would even exceed them, set a new course and even become their teachers.

Lucifer’s Rebellion

Facing this information, we may ask ourselves, how is it possible that beings from the Mental Universe, that is, from a very high dimension, fell into the tricks played by games of pride and lack of humility?

Although it is true that the higher one is the more difficult it is to fall, on the other hand, if one does fall one hits the ground quite badly. So, Lucifer didn’t like the counter proposal and he disliked its implementation even more. When he rebelled against the idea, he also distanced himself from the Plan proposed by the others and, unintentionally, became that “demon” sought to generate the obstacles that would interfere with the access to information required by the new civilizations. These new civilizations were then created as an alternative or as a rescue link for those that were stagnant.

As part of this cosmic drama, Lucifer’s Rebellion (Lucifer means “light bearer” in Latin) against the decision of the Council of the Hellel motivated him to influence extraterrestrial civilizations from the Material Universe against the Cosmic Plan. As a consequence, he influenced them against the new humanity that was soon about to appear.


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