The Self Improvement Formula…
by: Fritz Blanc

When we think of self improvement, we automatically think of learning some esoteric and foreign discipline that we’ll require years to master and also require that we go to a very remote part of the earth and start meditating, fasting and possibly shaving our head in order to create the perfect environment for the healing energies to easily enter our body.

That is far from the truth my friend. Self improvement as many experts agree can start with a simple thing and gradually move towards more complicated ones and finally to mastery.

You can start your journey towards self improvement by paying more attention to your partner and really look into what you can do to improve your relationship. Take your partner out for dinner and start paying more attention to him/her. Try to compliment him/her on how good he/she looks. Don’t be shy to tell your partner that you are on a self improvement mission. Every time you explain to someone that you are on a mission specially self improvement they will do everything they can to help you out. You will start to see result from your effort almost immediatly.

Now that you are already on your path to self improvement, you may go ahead and also improve your relationship with your parents, your brothers and sisters and eventually you can even improve your relationship with your friends and neighbours. At some point in time during your self improvement journey, you’ll be exposed to things like Reiki, advanced energy work, Auric clearing and other disciplines from Maharishi University. Know that the learning curve should be gradual and your inner voice or your guardian angel will guide you toward the path that is good for you.

Energy healing for example is said to work where modern medecine has failed, as a matter of fact, I read a very good book by Dr Eric Pearl, called the reconnection and it teaches you how to heal others and heal yourself.

A very key point about self improvement is the spiritual growth. At this level of development, you’ll want to achieve mastery of self by developing your potential and searching for meaning, the meaning of life for instance.

Start your journey like a child who is born into this world to learn. Don’t be too obsessed with one particular thing. All the answers will be revealed to you in due time.


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