Mastery is a constant choice. With each choice you define who you are to the Universe and attract like into your reality. It is the law of attraction. You vibrate and attract, vibrate and attract, vibrate and attract. Every moment of every day you are like a radio receiver and magnet attracting what you vibrate to, low or high, your choice.

Quantum physics proves this and that we all are one. At a quantum level, we are all made up of the same stuff as everything around us, including air, objects, people and things. It proves what religious masters have told us for ages… we are all one, we are made of light, and there is no separation! We are literally energy with no boundaries.

Thoughts have vibration and so do choices. In fact, before every thought, emotion or decision… there is that split second where you can choose differently. This is at the point that you become the master of your emotions rather than your emotions becoming the master of you. Change your thought patterns and you change the outcome.

Many just react to their creations thinking that these things happen to them. Their mindset is that of a victim. This is hardly the case as what we experience with our five senses in our four dimensional world is but the feedback we get from our own inner creations outpictured in our world. “Whatever you believe, you outpicture in your world.” Look around your world and this is what you believe. If you want a different experience define yourself with your next decision, thought and belief.

I remember a story that was told to me once…

This story was about the Buddha. One day a man came to the Buddha and was angry and very unkind, saying horrible things to the Buddha. As the Buddha listened he realized this man was projecting what he really felt about himself onto the Buddha. His realization of the state of this man’s being was evident.

When the man got done saying what he did the Buddha said… “My brother, why do you come here in this way?” And the man said… “I am not ygg our brother…” and continued in a very unloving way. The Buddha allowed the man to finish and then began…

“We are all brothers and so, I want to ask you a question… if you were to go to a party and before you attended you acquired a gift. With gift in hand, you went to the party and when you arrived you handed the gift to the person who the party was in honor of… and if that person did not accept your gift who’s gift would it be?”

The man thought for a few moments and then replied…
“Well, if I gave a gift to someone and they did not accept it then the gift would still be mine!”

The Buddha looked at the man and in the most loving way stated…
“Then my brother this gift that you give to me I do not accept …so go in peace as it is still yours not mine!”

As with the Buddha, every day in every moment we have a choice… we can either, react to our emotions and have them be the master of us or look them straight in the eye, along with the experience and decide to be the master of them. In defining ourselves each and every moment, we send a message to the universe as to what we desire our experience to be.

As a HIT bodybuilding lifecoach, I work with many clients via the phone, teaching and guiding them in how to achieve both their bodybuilding and life goals. I work with their inner and outer world because our entire outer world is nothing more than a picture of our inner world.

I find some who are unhappy with their self created life, whether they created it consciously or unconsciously. In most cases their projections reflect this unhappiness. Thoughts and actions attracted to oneself create an illusion of conditions that do not serve. In many cases by listening to oneself you will see how your words may reflect certain beliefs within your self. For instance an issue with money outpictures a very low self worth… it is only a shadow of something else. It is only with an inner being of wealth, prosperity and abundance that we can attract those circumstances in our life that create a reflection of the same. The truth is that I and every other soul that walks this earth are priceless. But it is only you, through free choice, that can attract that experience into your life. It is truly a self imposed reality.

Have you ever noticed that there are those that can create $50,000 a week and certainly feel that they are worth every penny while some feel that $500.00 a week is out of their grasp? It is all a reflection.

We have our separate paths but are all one, all connected by the quantum soup of the universe.

Sometimes you must detach yourself from your life and become an observer. In doing so you can decide if the gift and choice you are giving yourself or others is the experience you desire or maybe it is time to make another choice and thus refuse the gift.

We can choose to be defensive, unloving, unkind and vindictive to ourselves or others or you can see these non serving emotions to have nothing to do with you and take a higher road. These are all low vibrations and attract more of the same low experiences.

Make the decision and move on. Don’t put any additional energy into it, it is not yours.fv

There are many who we could allow to drain us, our energy if we so choose. I call them energy vampires as they want to pull you into their drama. You see it all around you, from acquaintances to family members stuck in the Matrix. Again, it is your decision to leave the gift with that person, in that split second before you react… OR feed the Matrix, opposite of your higher good and be part of the drama.

Any situation will disappear if you don’t feed it. Anything you focus on manifests. Anything that you resist resists you! Anything you push against pushes against you! Certain laws dictate this Universe and they are unerring.

So next time you choose to be sucked into drama, given a gift, by another person or through your own thinking… whether it is driven by guilt, anger, revenge, defense… whatever form of low vibration that comes to you masquerading as reality, rather than the illusion it really is, choose differently! With each choice you will learn and begin to master your life and thus your reality. You will define yourself to the Universe and attract more of what you define yourself as into your world.

Bottom line… if it is not your gift, don’t except it!

Bill Sahli is a 36 year veteran X Competitive Bodybuilder, HIT Trainer, Author and Life Coach.

Bill is author of two High Intensity Training Books:
“R U Serious ®?- The Foundation” and

“High Intensity Powerbuilding – The Next Step”.

His Audio Teleseminar – “High Intensity Mindset” along with his books can be found at ”

He is available for personal coach on a limited basis. Bill has trained bodybuilders, athletes, professions, the handicapped & both men and women. His amazing techniques save hours in the gym, with most clients training 15-30 minutes within a week, allowing them to reach their goals in record time. You can reach Bill online at

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