The God of Fear & Separation as Your Architect
by: Richard Blackstone

Let us make the analogy that creating your life is like building a house. You are choosing God as your architect but you have a choice to make. You can choose the God of Love and oneness or you can choose the God of Fear and separation.

You have chosen the God of Fear and separation and therefore you believe yourself to be separate from this God and separate from all of life. Use your spiritual growth to put you in this scenario and then use the spirituality information in this article to see if this architect is serving you or not.

The first thing you realize is that by believing in this God of separation you understand that you need things that you don’t have and you also notice that this God is judging the way you desire to structure your life. If this God, that you are separate from, is judging the structure of your life and not providing a sufficient enough supply to fit your requirements, what is up with that?

Why would he fail to provide these requirements or keep them so far away, so separate from you that you would fail to meet your needs and thus so callously disrupt the structure of the life that you are constructing? Is he condemning you in some way? What is going on here?

Didn’t a benevolent God invite you into this physical world, which you are separate from, to live a life of peace, joy and love? Perhaps you haven’t lived up to your end of the bargain with this God that placed you here but is now separate from you and separate from everything you need to build your life.

Perhaps there are certain conditions that have to be met before he stops condemning you and begins to help you fulfill your needs. Whatever it is that he needs you would be glad to do, if you only knew what those needs were. Just let you know the conditions of your contract with this architect and you will do what you can to get on with the construction of your life.

Stones on a Rocky Ocean Beach
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Obviously this architect we call God, which you are separate from, has the power to do anything she wants. She is all-powerful isn’t she? She must be because she is certainly superior to you. She created this universe and everything in it. You would certainly humble yourself before her if she would just help you a little and fulfill some of the basic needs you have that will allow you to fulfill the necessities that exist in building your life.

Well, maybe the problem is that you just don’t know what it takes to build the structure of your life. Maybe you are just too darn ignorant to understand the complexities involved in dealing with this architect called God, who is separate from you and you should just build the structure of your life haphazardly.

Maybe you should just use the materials in life that you can attain and seem to be in sufficient enough supply that they fu

The Beginning of Time
The Beginning of Time (Photo credit: Stuck in Customs)

lfill part of your needs. You probably won’t be able to build the structure of your life in the manner that you truly desire. Maybe you will end up with a shack instead of a mansion but it’s not your fault. If you can’t get what you need to build your life, then you should just make do with what life throws to you.

Wow! That sounds like a tough way to build the structure of your life. There seems to be a lot of frustration and turmoil involved in the construction process. Our observation tells us that you may have hired the wrong architect. Our observations tell us that whenever you want to build a structure that will last, and give you the satisfaction that it has fulfilled your intentions and desires, you need to go back to the beginning and start off with a solid foundation.

The God you choose to believe in is critical to creating a solid foundation for your life. Do you choose the God of separation and fear or the God of oneness and love? It is your choice.


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